View Full Version : Four shot dead at Air Caledonie protest !

freightdoggy dog
7th Aug 2011, 12:14
Certainly a different way to deal with your passengers, bet ther are a few CEO's out there who'd love to do more than just call em frogs !!

Four people were shot dead and 23 others sustained injuries in clashes on Mare in the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia on Saturday, 6 August. According to reports, the violence transpired when one group, comprising of customers of Air Caledonie who had been blockading airports in the Loyalty Islands and the Ile des Pins since 22 July to protest the domestic airline's increase in price of airfares, was confronted by residents of Mare's Ghuama district, whose chief is the chairman of the airline chairman Nidoish Naisseline, allegedly attempted to dislodge protestors from the airfield. Police were mobilised to restore order between both groups who were armed, but the incident left four people dead and the residence of one of the airline's supporters in Ghuama had been torched while several shops in the area were vandalised.

Air Caledonie on 5 August announced that industrial action which ended on 29 July and a series of protests against its fare increases have placed the company at risk of bankruptcy. Head of Human Resource for the airline, Olivier Testemalle, said that the crisis was costing Ari Caledonie over USD108,000 a day and that the airline could be insolvent within a month if the situation does not improve. He added that the disruption to the company's flight operations would also negatively impact the island's tourism sector at the peak holiday season.