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6th Aug 2011, 18:26
Went to a BBQ today to celebrate the birthday of my wife's ex teacher who flew Coastal Command Liberators in WW2. He told me that he recently went to a museum where they have a Liberator front end. He asked if he could sit in the cockpit but was refused because of the radiation from the luminous instruments.

It would seem that radiation from instruments is more dangerous than being shot at by U boats. How on earth did he get to be 90.

6th Aug 2011, 19:13

6th Aug 2011, 20:25
Local show here had a Spitfire cockpit with original instruments fitted, no one was allowed to sit in it because elf and sh-ty:mad:

6th Aug 2011, 20:29
It's the same in the RAF museum.

Loose rivets
6th Aug 2011, 21:19
My GP had quite a lot to say about his father's watch. The amount taken off the dial and hands is potentially lethal. A man from the local uni heard about it and tried to stop the process by jumping up and down and waving his arms about, but it was kind of okay, because it had been sent to a special watchmaker who undertakes the task on a regular basis.

They no doubt have staff with tinfoil hats and yellow jackets.

Really, the wartime tragedies were far from funny. Some of the girls thought the glowing would look kool in the dim lights of the dance halls. The ones that licked the paint brushes nearly all became affected and the ones that took it to glow nearly all died.

6th Aug 2011, 21:31
In the early 1960s I bought a jar of genuine luminous paint to mark the fascia of a revcounter that I made from a wartime instrument that I bought from Proops (http://www.proopsbrothers.com/history.html) (suppliers of ex-ministry equipment).

The resultant figures were thick as I couldn't find a slim enough brush, and they glowed beautifully at night, even with the meagre low-wattage illumination bulb that I fitted.