View Full Version : I think some of the Mods are a bit Whacky

6th Aug 2011, 06:22
I get banned from the Scandinavian mass murderer thread for being ABUSIVE ??? How can you be abusive to an insane mass-murderer? And yes, that was last week, have given it some time and thought.

6th Aug 2011, 06:50
Where's my popcorn.............

6th Aug 2011, 06:55
George Costanza says share mine!

6th Aug 2011, 06:57
No chance, you don't know where his fingers have been

6th Aug 2011, 07:01
That's the thing about George. You know where they would like to have been.

6th Aug 2011, 07:04
It ain't where he wants them to have been that's the issue, it's where they end up because he don't get them where wants them to be that's the worry.....

Especially when they all had the bet...........

6th Aug 2011, 07:10
Less than an hour, I reckon. Some of them can dish it out but cannot take it.

6th Aug 2011, 07:21
Nah, George talks a good fight. It's Kramer you have to look out for.

JB Mods
6th Aug 2011, 07:36
Rollingthunder , once more you complain about something "unfair" happening to you and seek sympathy from the mob without actually giving the whole story. It may be that you have forgotten what you said or it may be .............

You were not banned for being "abusive to an insane mass-murderer", you were banned for this statement:

Henry09... are you used to Robinson R22's? or are you used to being called an utter prat?

Remember now???