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5th Aug 2011, 10:06
Great British Beer Festival (http://gbbf.camra.org.uk/home)

Anyone popping along for the last couple of days or shall I just have a couple for you?

5th Aug 2011, 11:32
I'm a fat old geezer with a beard , so I reckon I fit the demographic for this sort of thing spot on.

Trouble is two half pints of beer is quite enough for me these days, so I reckon I'd be wasting my time. Have one for me (if not on me;))

5th Aug 2011, 13:57
I went yesterday :)

5th Aug 2011, 14:02
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I'll have to check at home, but if it is like the one in Camden Town Hall :ok::ok:

5th Aug 2011, 14:45
Last time I went it was far too busy, particularly the ciderrrr barrr - so I shall content meself with a pint or four at the Dog and Bull with a few mates...

6th Aug 2011, 04:37
...attend tutored beer tastings.

how's that organised? The tutored-part, I mean?

(Also the webcam... kind of desolate at that hour, but very funny considering the cams for seals, owls, wild boar, leopards, elephants etc at Zoos.... and then at a beer festival. Very convenient. I've got to get a couple of beers for tonight and enjoy them in the cam-company (would that be kind of tutored?).

6th Aug 2011, 07:19
Mobberley Victory Hall
6th Annual Beer Festival
Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th August 2007
20 Beers from 20 independent brewers
Friday night 60s & 70s Disco
Saturday night Rock Disco
BBQ Saturday & Sunday
Friday 5 pm to Midnight
Saturday Noon tp Midnight
Sinday Noon to 10.30 pm
All beers 1.75 a pint

Your all welcome:)