View Full Version : Bahrain on Al Jazeera

Sir George Cayley
4th Aug 2011, 21:04
Just watched a disturbing programme about the arrest, imprisonment, torture and in some cases death of a wide variety of people who do not tow the line.

Disappearing hospital doctors because they tell what they see in removing bullets from protestors is particularly abhorrent.

I can't do anything to help except bear witness to the abuse of state power.

Sir George Cayley

4th Aug 2011, 22:11
So when do the NATO bombers go in.............oh wait Bahrain was annexed by the Saudi's in all but name so nothing will happen.

5th Aug 2011, 03:56
Sir George, that's exactly why America is so fond of it's guns. The ratio of armed citizens to active duty military personnel from all branches is about 100 to 1.

5th Aug 2011, 04:21
The people finding themselves subject to such indignities should take whatever action is necessary to rid themselves of same. If they tolerate it, they deserve it.

Enigmatic as ever BandAide.

It is hard to tolerate let alone survive Saudi bullets (even if they are fired by your countrymen) no matter how outraged or "undignified" you might feel.

The cowardly "almost" silence from Western governments on Bahrain because they don't want to "upset" the charming House of Saud makes this commentator very angry indeed!