View Full Version : Cyprus Airways A320 config

5th Apr 2001, 19:27
Does CYP have a dedicated and wider Business Class seat in their A320s or is it an a-la-British Midland type of layout? If any of you have "C" class experience with CYP I would appreciate your comments. Muchos ta.

6th Apr 2001, 00:29
From their website:

"The new leather seats which have been recently installed in the Apollo Compartment of all A320 aircraft are comfortable, anatomic, ergonomically designed with a greater reclining capacity and ensure a thoroughly relaxing journey. Also the cabin arrangements have been reconfigured to allow extra space and more freedom of movement.

The recent up-grading in the Apollo Business Class of all A320 aircraft offer more comfort to the executive traveler."

From personal experience, but 4 years ago, their business class seats were worse than BA Economy, so anything would be an improvement on that!

Have a good trip.

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