View Full Version : Got 10 minutes to spare?

Lon More
2nd Aug 2011, 07:38
Build an electric guitar

2nd Aug 2011, 09:14
I want one, I want one, I want one...I don't want one. That thing makes Seasick Steves' collection look like gold plated 57 Les Pauls.:eek:

henry crun
2nd Aug 2011, 09:54
Wouldn't it be quicker on one of those new fangled scan/print/make machines ?

I realise it would be made of plastic but most of the scruffy herberts playing that rock stuff are only interested in making noise so they wouldn't notice the difference.

tony draper
2nd Aug 2011, 09:59
One should also purchase a 100 Watt Amp so your neighbors can appreciate your efforts as well.