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1st Aug 2011, 02:20
So I am an avid web surfer - an IT professional - so I use the interdweeb a lot throughout the day.

My complaint (today) is that websites are really, really rubbish. It is very rare that I come across a site which I find easy to read, nice to look at and helpful all in one. Often you get none of the above when looking at sites full of advertising and formatted something akin to a a baby's regurgitation of last nights dinner.

Why do people think that they can design web-site what with all these GUI tools around for self design - most people cannot design for saving the US national debt. I KNOW I don't have the eye for it so I don't it.

There are SO many sites out there with content on multiple pages, although a "page" is a single column in the middle of a page the width of my "how's your father" and as long a 2 paragraphs. I know why they do it (advertising) but hell it is annoying - especially when they're not coded for widescreen monitors which have become the norm. News sites are very common for doing this.

When I happen across these sites I just close the the page and go elsewhere.

What are your "issues" with the interweb?

Worrals in the wilds
1st Aug 2011, 02:30
Zombie business sites.

Sites that advertise a business and get you all excited because you've finally found someone who has the first edition Arthur C Clarke book you were looking for...but then you find out that they went broke / retired / died / fled offshore to dodge the tax office three years ago. The website is still blinking away in perpetuity but the business is long gone. It's happened to me a few times and I really wish people could be bothered removing their website when they stop trading.

1st Aug 2011, 04:01

So you wouldn't like these then? :}

Top 10 Worst Websites You’ll Wish You Hadn’t Seen (http://www.blogstorm.co.uk/top-10-worst-websites/)

A couple must have been so embarrassed they have changed the sites. Watch out for the rainbow coloured one, there is a good chance of inducing seizures, it should carry a health warning or maybe it is supposed to give you religious 'raptures'!

1st Aug 2011, 10:48
I hear you Soundbarrier.. also sites and pages that are infested with flash script, shockwave and ad benners which jam up pause the page loading, or take an infentessimal time to load, then with script error and if you have pop up and banner ads loading then the page hiccups on loading or freezes up the browser.

a page, especially a home page, shouldnt take more than three seconds load on a dialup modem. i have a broadband connection to speedup email and file downloading not to give some ar$ewipe site developer bandwidth to commit to his index page.

Aviation webistes are particularly bad for this with bloody flash movies on the home page. taking 30-40 seconds to load with a woosh of a passing jet engine and an animated aircraft zipping across the screen before to have any capacity to click on current inventory, or contact information or what have you. most likely the woosh and the animation will be poorly written freeze up or kick off the screen beacuse the variance of screen sizes and resolutions...

another bloody annoyance is perpetual 'participate in our survey' pop ups..f:mad:k off with your survey no i dont want to give you my sodding email address to be spammed with junk 30 times a day

interactive websites are the bane of worklife. many sites you click on their 'contact' page for phone number or email addy and you get a bloody g00gle maps interactive link, which invariably freezes the browser so you shut down the tab and repoen on another company's site instead.

Some 'media type' hosts a bloody developers conference somewhere and says that interactive webistes attract more traffic so make the site interactive.

the problem is a lot of people have lost focus of what the actual purpose of the website is for and that generating traffic is the answer.. if you simply want 'traffic' put latest football results, jordan or beckham in the metatags! traffic doesnt equate to business.

some companies etc get so caught up in trying to generate traffic that they end up pushing potential customers away onto other results in the search list.

first thing that many need to do with a webiste is first to define what they want from the site, then go form there..

1st Aug 2011, 10:53
Extra white words to satisfy the wordcounter.

1st Aug 2011, 12:03

I could list a number of things.

But probably my number one pet-hate is web designers who have browser blindness (i.e. they think the world ends with Internet Explorer.... and design/test/implement for that browser, and that browser alone).

Case in point, I recently went to a website of a well known, established bricks&mortar company, to undertake an e-commerce transaction. At the time, I was sitting infront of a Mac..... the shopping cart just would not work in either Safari or Firefox. I had to resort to switching over to my VMWare window and doing my business in IE.

If it wasn't for the fact that they were the only people to have the item in stock without and extended lead-time, I would have taken my business elsewhere. And infact, they are now on my semi-black list now in terms of choosing them for future transactions !

Ancient Observer
1st Aug 2011, 12:55
I agree strongly with mixture.
One of the big ticket-selling websites is IE only. You only find this out at the very end of a long and tortuous ticket purchasing process that was designed by a moron in a cave with nothing else to do.

1st Aug 2011, 13:22
mixture, AO, you might have to buy a special adapter for them to work.. :E


1st Aug 2011, 13:30
Any website which takes more than three clicks to find the information you are after is rubbish.

1st Aug 2011, 13:41
Any website which takes more than three clicks to find the information you are after is rubbish.

You've tried using my employer's company intranet then :}:ugh: :mad:

1st Aug 2011, 14:15
Many websites have improved out of sight in the last 6 or 7 years, and there are a large number of good ones out there. However, SoundBarrier has certainly touched on a very good point.
We need some place where web users can rate websites, and which carries some weight, so webmasters sit up and take notice.
One thing that gets right up my nose is looking at an item, article, or some other info... then finding the last webpage update was in 2006... :ugh:

The other thing that bugs me is the people who seem to employ a Philadelphia lawyer to set up their webpage. Many eBayers are guilty of this. There's no way I'm going to look at a web page that starts off with three hundred paragraphs of legal definitions, off putting phrases such as "you shall" or "you shall not", and legal threats just short of dismemberment if you stuff them around... :suspect:

Gimme a break. We all know that a purchase is a contract, but 2% of people in the world are arseholes, and if they're going to stuff you around, then three hundred paragraphs of legalese, is going to mean nothing to them, anyway.

The other thing that bugs me about websites is when they run you through the hoops just to try and find out basic info such as S&H.
Typically, you have to register as a buyer, then add the item to your cart, and then get torturously to the last step, of 7 steps in the sale... just to find, that their outrageous S&H charges kills the deal.
If a site can't give me the S&H options up front... bugger 'em, I'll go elsewhere. There's too many good online businesses available, with good webpage layouts, to stuff around with poorly set-up ones.

The same goes for news sites that want to charge me for news. I'd pay for good journalism, and well-written news articles... but they're as rare as the proverbial rocking horse manure.
If a website can't deliver the news without demanding payment, I just click them off, and go to the 10,000,000 other news sites/web blogs that DO supply news items at no cost.
It's bad enough that news sites specialise in stalling you watching one of their news videos, by installing an ad first. I don't have time to waste watching idotic ads for products that mean nothing to me... that's the main reason I hardly watch TV nowadays.

Gertrude the Wombat
1st Aug 2011, 21:47
But probably my number one pet-hate is web designers who have browser blindness (i.e. they think the world ends with Internet Explorer.... and design/test/implement for that browser, and that browser alone).

To be fair, some go the other way, although in these cases it's not so much blindness as downright deliberate maliciousness.

Slashdot in particular try very hard to code their site in such a way that it works on everything except IE. And when IE bring out a new version, Slashdot change their site just to make sure that it still doesn't work.

(Last time I tried to make some perfectly good code work on Firefox I came across a bug which had been marked in their database three years ago as "yes, this is a bug, we can't be arsed to fix it, so we aren't going to, so there; you get what you pay for".)