View Full Version : Nickel and Diming

31st Jul 2011, 18:30
Those assbowls at the Big Airline are urinating me off. I bought a ticket and upgraded using miles to Club, now they want to sell me a seat selection for $90 one way for the international leg. They also wanted $30 for the domestic leg. WTF???? I thought they were, ahem, above this crap. fcuk

galaxy flyer
31st Jul 2011, 21:06
Would that be the World's Favourite Airline? Not for long. I noticed the Big Airline out of Atlanta isn't giving away many free upgrades on domestic flights lately. Used to be a sure thing on the flight out of home base.


31st Jul 2011, 22:16
You are correct Basil , but I have never had to pay in advance for a seat selection in Club before.