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Callum Riseley
31st Jul 2011, 18:01
I am just about to begin training towards my PPL and I wish to take the modular route on a part time basis as I will be working to fund the flying. I want to make my CV as appealing to airlines as possible so was going to start my PPL training at Stapleford Flight Centre, however this is pretty far away from me and it is a lot more expensive than my local airfield, where I already have 15 hours logged. The problem is this is a small airfield and I would only be able to do my PPL here. Does it look bad if I was to gain my PPL at a small, local airfield then go abroad to hour build and THEN study at Stapleford for the IR/CPL etc?
Cheers for your help!

31st Jul 2011, 18:17
Hi mate

That makes sense. No airline or employer is remotely interested in where you did your PPL or hour building. However, they may be interested to know where you did your Commercial Training. Especially when its that first job.. Usually after that, most airlines are really only interested in what ratings you have with how many hours.

31st Jul 2011, 23:46
I did my PPL, night, Radio licence, hr building, MEP, and a FAA IR in USA. I then went to Stapleford to do the CPL and IR reduced conversion courses (both JAR CPL and IR courses were reduced base on having an ICAO IR). I then went to Oxford to do the MCC, and within 2 weeks of having done the MCC - I passed the interview with RYR. These days, I don't think it matters too much where you did the training. The blue book with the correct ratings is all you need- as it should be!

(highly recommend SFC btw)

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