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30th Jul 2011, 21:17

In anticipation of my joining NASA and them bringing the shuttle out of retirement, can anyone recommend some pre course study?


30th Jul 2011, 21:28

Dan Winterland
31st Jul 2011, 04:45
No, don't do any. Go to the pub instead. The only way to start any course is with a massive hangover!

Mach Turtle
31st Jul 2011, 07:56
This should get you started:

Flying shuttle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_shuttle)

Oh, sorry, space shuttle. Don't know much about it. It was big for a while in the eighties.

31st Jul 2011, 09:27
Another bl**dy self-funded type rating scheme? :*

These things are the bane of the industry! :hmm:


31st Jul 2011, 10:54
googoo 'orbiter space flight simulator'

1st Aug 2011, 10:01
The "resuable" STS cost more to operate than nice shiny NEW one-off launch vehicles. NASA won't be making that mistake again.

Actually, looking at their funding, NASA won't be making ANY manned space flight mistakes again.

Buster Hyman
1st Aug 2011, 11:42
can anyone recommend some pre course study?

NASA Employment handbook...Step 1.

Um... lifting...
1st Aug 2011, 12:01
AQT / FAR... or whatever they're calling it these days. Then select strike.

1st Aug 2011, 12:27
We also sought to improve the fit of our accessions by raising the minimum Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB) score. The ASTB is what we more mature Naval Aviators remember as the AQT/FAR. It has been refined significantly and is now a computer-based test with high validity based upon industrial psychology standards. As a result, there is a strong correlation between ASTB score and attrition rate.:yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk: