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Espada III
28th Jul 2011, 18:58
I replaced the cheap nasty plastic pedals on my bike with some metal ones with small raised studs on top for extra grip.

I decided to fit some toe clips as well which screw into the front of the pedal. However, the only way I can get the clips to seat snugly to the pedal is if they are on upside down. Have I got some stupidly cheap pedals or I am being stupid myself? Help!

tony draper
28th Jul 2011, 19:06
Fit them on the bottom of the pedal back to front one assumes the pedals themselves rotate like they did in the olden days when I had a bike,ergo they will be the pointing the right way when you rotate the pedal 180 degrees.

28th Jul 2011, 19:08
Might I suggest that you swap the pedals side to side?

Ancient Mariner
28th Jul 2011, 19:51
Turn the bike upside down and mount it from the rear and you should be OK.

tony draper
28th Jul 2011, 20:07
As the actress said to the bishop.:rolleyes:

28th Jul 2011, 20:40
There should be holes on both sides of the pedals so that you can choose which side you want the toe-clips, but the pedals should only fit on the correct side, i.e left pedal to left crank and vice versa and should make it obvious which side you need.


29th Jul 2011, 00:22
What we read above is correct.

One of the pedal studs has a left hand thread and will only fit on the corresponding crank. (I forget which one - I have to check on Gurgle every time I work on them :8).

Go the full hog. Get dedicated shoes with clip in cleats and the appropriate clip in pedals. Some stress may be evident whilst one is learning the action to un-clip before coming to a standstill, but after one has fallen over over a few times like a toppled pine tree (Timberrrrrrrrr!!), the subconscious does seem come to the fore. :ok:

29th Jul 2011, 02:26
buy the shoes....

pulling and pushing with total control is SO much more satisfying...

Plus, when the cheap plastic straps on your non-clip pedals self destruct, you're not gonna be able to find replacements whereas toe clips are standard.

If you really wanna freak out some folks, forego the biker spandex gear, wear a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, hit the bike path (with your clips) and hand a few poseurs their lunch.

It's a fantastic rush.

29th Jul 2011, 09:12
Every time I go to the Netherlands its a real treat to see that 95% of cyclists are wearing normal clothes, riding at a leisurely pace, and treating the cycle as a convenient mode of city transport. Then it's back home to the snarling spandex wearers, head down and determined to become the next Chris Hoy and devil take anyone (pedestrians in particular) who gets in their way.

29th Jul 2011, 09:21
Over here, not only normal clothing is de rigueur (sp?), but also no helmet, riding with no hands whilst talking on a mobile and eating a sandwich... (I'm not exagerating).

But they make better cyclists than drivers, on the whole. Frankly the entire population of Geneva could do with a lecture on "Your indicator and what it is used for".:*

29th Jul 2011, 11:31
421Dog is 100% correct, buy the shoe clip on variety and youll not look back, once youve fallen a few times. So much better to ride with.

Espada III
30th Jul 2011, 21:49
Thanks all.

I have discovered that the pedals were not designed for clips so I have swapped them for something like the photo two posts above. Much better!

31st Jul 2011, 22:15
I changed from straps to clips few weeks ago.
Personal feeling is that I won around 10-15% effectiveness.

After a couple "TIMBERRRS !!!", :ouch: I found the trimming screws at the rear of the pedals and unleashed them a bit (easier to clip/unclip).
Change from the "backwards" reflex to "side-twist" takes some tries/errors, but I almost manage it now.
I will certainly never come back to straps.

My pedals are made for mountain bike, so they clip on only one side, the other side is "normal". Useful when I know I will certainly be "grounded" after next obstacle. :ok:
It also permits me to use the bicycle as a "city" bike, with normal shoes/clothes.

Turn clockwise to scew the right pedal, counter-clockwise to screw the left pedal.:8

My shins are entirely covered with scars I got couple of decades ago, when my mountain bike was equiped with pedals I could describe as "Wolf Traps": large metal pedals with small raised studs on top for extra grip...
Espada III, if you don't buy the clip-shoes, think about shin protections.