View Full Version : Who wants to buy at USA prices?

PPRuNe Pop
25th Jul 2011, 16:11
What has happened to Google that when searching for things that need to be in GBP they are VERY often, too often in USD. Why in the hell is that of any use to UK buyers?

It is happening more and more and some items like furniture would cost a bomb to ship over. And no, I have not found any offers to be dual offers GBP/USD. Even Amazon are doing it.! Infuriating I tell you :ugh:

25th Jul 2011, 16:17
Let's see, here's a new furniture set, priced in Sterling, which you can sit at to Google away at all the things that are priced in, yes, Pounds Sterling.

Office Computer Dark Walnut 5w: Amazon.co.uk: Office Products

Um... lifting...
25th Jul 2011, 16:18
It's all gone downhill since they started taking the pink off the map.:hmm:

25th Jul 2011, 16:25
Would putting the word "dollars" or the $ symbol in the "But don't show pages that have any of these unwanted words" box, cure that?

25th Jul 2011, 18:17
Are you using Google UK? i.e. link to Google uk (http://www.google.co.uk/) ?

If you are after the initial search you have (in the left hand column) a choice for "Pages from the UK". It isn't perfect, but it does narrow your sixty-two billion choices to a couple of gadzillion (tm).