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Krystal n chips
25th Jul 2011, 10:31
Just got a letter addressed to The Owner ( the bill usually comes addressed to moi, personally..strange that ) informing me of the intent to Adopt Private Sewers and Lateral Drains.

The helpful blurb tells me that one is responsible for the pipes inside the hovel estate, but can also include pipes beyond the barbed razor wire and ditches until such time as one gets a large bill for their rectification.

Then, in time honoured "customer service UK style ", tradition, comes the helpful explanation for the plebs / captive market.

" The transfer willl give more effective management of assets, reduce neighbour disputes and allow for a better approach to managing the sewer network"...how sweet !.....:rolleyes:

It's the last paragraph however that is of greater interest...the bit about the, erm, bill. Seemingly DEFRA have estimated that it will add between 3 / 14 per year to the bill....BUT....could be much higher depending on the rate of wear and tear of pipes, number of blackages and OFWAT's regulatory charges. Note this last bit.

Only a cynic would carefully read the increase in profits when this is introduced....one is such !

"Where there's muck" etc, some accountant will find money it seems. This is supposed to be nationwide as well, commencing in October.

25th Jul 2011, 11:20
Just got a letter addressed to The Owner ( the bill usually comes addressed to moi, personally..strange that )

Probably because the property owner and the utility bill payer (tenant) may not be the same person.

25th Jul 2011, 12:06
For the past few years I've had letters offering insurance for the private sewage pipes which have examples of the consequences of paying yourself. The insurance was about 2 per month, although I never took it out. So this new government requirement on the sewage companies will save me a couple of bob if I had taken insurance out.


25th Jul 2011, 15:03
I've had the same letter.

I was wary until I got the full jist of the proposal, but now I welcome the move because I have a long shared drain running under my rear patio, front patio, driveway and lawn, then under the garden wall into my house frontage where it connects with the public main sewer at the end of the private road. It lies ten feet below surface level. It would probably cost a small fortune to dig it up, make repairs and re-instate everything afterwards. If the water company take responsibility for it, at what appears to be a relatively small personal cost, that's fine by me.

In future I will only need to maintain the three short lengths of connecting drain that feed into the main drain run from our bathroom, kitchen and garage. :ok:

25th Jul 2011, 15:08
I was wary until I got the full jist
Jist or gist? ;)


25th Jul 2011, 15:24
Yes, Gist, I reckon... so I'll "g"ust flush my dictionary down the sewer (soon to be publicly maintained)... :p

west lakes
25th Jul 2011, 17:23
The water companies were (stuff that goes down sewers)ing themselves over this as they were looking at taking on huge liabilities! There are estates with huge systems of private sewers and in some cases pumping stations that have never been maintained.
For anyone with a private shared sewer this is a good thing.