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Senior Paper Monitor
24th Jul 2011, 08:24
Good old Uncle Sam .......

National Security Agency (NSA) Headquarters http://www.nsa.gov (http://www.nsa.gov/) Phone Number: 206-424-0134

Attention: Sir,

Firstly, my name is General Keith B. Alexander (Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director, National Security Agency/Central Security Service. We are contacting you today because we are taking over your Online Safety. We all know that the rate of fraudsters and scammers online are so much that we all receive at least 200 messages per day claiming to be from the Federal Bureau of Investigation or from the US Department of State or from a Government Worker in Nigeria. All those stories are lies used by fraudsters to extort money from our citizens.

We are doing our best to keep them off the internet world but we need you to also assist us in any vital information you can provide, in-order to put an end to their bad act and deliver your funds to you. We need your Full co-operation, understanding and Mutual Trust. Right now, we are dealing with the Issuing Bank for your fund release. With this, we are 100% sure to be able to deliver your funds to you without further delays. Every year, Fraudsters collect more than $100 billion of US Dollars from their victims and this gives us so much concern.

Therefore, stop further communication with any firm, offices or individual so you can successfully receive your funds. Get back to me as soon as you read this so I can direct and instruct you on how to receive your funds from the legal Issuing Bank.

Commander, U.S. Cyber Command,
Director, National Security Agency/Central Security Service General Keith B. Alexander, USA.

24th Jul 2011, 08:28
not convincing. Should have started: Re: your plea for safety :E

Um... lifting...
24th Jul 2011, 08:55
Clever... 206 area code is even in Washington.

Seattle, Washington, but still... you can see his heart's in the right place, anyway.