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23rd Jul 2011, 10:54
Well it sounded good. Orange merged with T-Mobile, said that would increase coverage. We get virtually no Orange signal at home, so I signed up to use the T-Mobile as well. Some command was sent to my phone to enable it.

Got a good signal at home, thought everything was hunky-dory until I tried to use it - can't make calls, can't receive calls and can't text when on T-mobile signal. OK, I thought, there is a setting in the phone to force it to one service only, I'll go back to just using Orange. That's OK, except when I am in an area with no Orange coverage but there is T-mobile, (like at home, where I spend at least 50% of my time) the phone continually beeps with a message telling me to swap networks, and this flattens the battery in no time.

So, contact Orange (takes forever to get to talk to anybody) - no we can't reverse the change. [email protected] Surely if they can make it go one way they can reverse it. They don't want to because they think they know best for their customers. Well that ain't for me. I have bought a Talkmobile (Voda network) SIM card. They looked to be the cheapest for PAYG.

Anybody know if I can force Orange to relinquish my number so I can use it on the new service? Been using it for around 15 years now and lots of people have it so will be a pain to change.


23rd Jul 2011, 11:07
Yep, phone Orange on 07973 100450 or 450 from your Orange phone and ask for/demand the PAC code. pass this on to your new network and they will change your number. They can try to be disruptive but just stick to your guns.


23rd Jul 2011, 13:23
OK, thanks for that, I will give it a go when I've got an hour to listen to the menus.


Ancient Observer
23rd Jul 2011, 13:31
They do not like to do the PAC Code, but legally they have to. If you can, record the calls. (If you can't, I understand that some people say they are recording the call when they are not. I couldn't comment on that.)

23rd Jul 2011, 18:38
I couldn't comment on that.I can; I've done that. It works sometimes.

We switched to T-Mobile about 2 years ago from Vodafone for a "good" deal; great mistake.

Coverage was dreadful, or was it just under-provided for the volume of calls? Frequent drop-outs on motorways, even.

Then for a year the excuse became ".....engineering work to merge with Orange. Everything will be wonderful soon". However when that was finished, it was no better. Now we are back with Vodafone, with a good deal and better coverage.

23rd Jul 2011, 18:53
This is one reason why I don't have a mobile.

23rd Jul 2011, 19:48
Your always going to get a poorer service on the second generation suppliers because of the frequency they use.

Vodaphone and O2 both use 900 and that has better performance.

27th Jul 2011, 09:26
That's good gen, Jock, many thanks, especially as I spend lots of time in poor sgnal areas. Signed up for a 10 starter SIM card with Talkmobile (Voda network) - a week later no card, no payment taken off credit card, no acknowlegement at all. Got a emailshot from giffgaff (O2 network), so I've asked them for a card instead.


27th Jul 2011, 09:42
Sorry to hear of your ills. I went the other way from Vodafone to Orange as the Vodafone signal here is dreadful but the Orange is fine.
Getting the PAC off Vodafone was no problem and the number switch went very smoothly.
I've also signed up to the dual Orange/T-mobile thing and it works fine for me.

Presumably it's a lottery of where you happen to be.

27th Jul 2011, 09:50
Damn right it is - here in deepest, darkest Norfolk, near Fakenburg, mobile signal strength is just about non-existent....:ugh:

27th Jul 2011, 10:14
My heart bleeds when I hear people in remote areas complaining that they don't get a good mobile or broadband service. If you choose to live in the country away from the crime and grime of the cities then you have to accept that you don't get the same facilities. You can't have it both ways.

To UniFox: the Orange- T Mobile thing should be seamless. It sounds as if your SIM wasn't updated properly as it should have been. In your case I would ask them to send the updates again - but I appreciate it's not easy to get through the 'support' minefield. An alternative would be to visit an Orange shop and demand a replacement SIM.

Al Fakhem
27th Jul 2011, 10:29
Slight thread drift, but Orange have some ridiculous "safeguard" software that - no joke - classifies the pprune website as only suitable to anyone over 18 years of age. Even asking them to review this only results in their texting you (after 10 days....) to tell you that the restriction will not be lifted.

Yes, I know you can drag yourself to an Orange shop, show your ID etc. to have the safeguard software undone on your phone. But: we are using Orange on a business contract, so hardly any under 18s involved in the first place!

27th Jul 2011, 11:01
All the mobile operators have a 'safe list' of sites that are allowed unrestricted access. It's for their own protection to prevent careless parents from saying 'you let my kids look at porn'.
Having seen some of the recent posts in JB it's not at all surprising that pprune is considered 'unsafe'.