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22nd Jul 2011, 21:53
Along with all the other awful news today one could easily have missed the item which told one that a young lady of the coloured persuasion is suing Jet Blue because she was taken off a Jet Blue aircraft by an airport worker who accused her of not wearing knickers.

Eventually she went with him to a warehouse (you do have to wonder, don't you?) and showed him that she was indeed wearing said scanties. However when she returned to the aircraft the pilot refused to carry her (as a passenger. Now, now, down boy,) and eventually she was again escorted off the aircraft, apparently by the same airport minion.

Either it is not all as portrayed or jet Blue have a real death wish. (Or maybe he just fancied seeing her . . . . . . . . . . )

22nd Jul 2011, 22:14
Jet Blue, I'd be more worried about the Jet Blast...


22nd Jul 2011, 22:22
Old news - happened last July, but Ms Knowles is now trying to sue the butt off Jet Blue.

22nd Jul 2011, 22:24
according to the article I read 'twas the fuzz who checked for fuzz

22nd Jul 2011, 23:14
Let yer parts breathe, that's what I say..........

Brian Abraham
23rd Jul 2011, 02:28
No knickers you say? On an aircraft? That's down right absolutely disgusting. What's the world coming to. Standards must be maintained.


23rd Jul 2011, 02:34
Didn't know there was a rule about going commando, one would have thought that a plus, even more so if it was a hostie.

23rd Jul 2011, 04:21
Best not have all vinyl or leather seats....might be a problem disembarking!

23rd Jul 2011, 09:59
Whatever next, they'll soon be refusing to carry males called Nicholas ... ;)

Lon More
23rd Jul 2011, 10:37
Not even a thong at twilight?

I wonder how he knew? Probably did what we used to do at Luton; standing under the airstairs and perving.

And why was no female insecurity person involved?

With the later involvement of the Captain I would think there's more behind this.

Anyway http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b7/JohnnyCharger1968/Emoticons/ThisThreadIsWorthlessWithoutPics.gif

23rd Jul 2011, 11:12
Great Picture Brian... I notice that there's no sight of a squirrel in the pic.

Standard Noise
23rd Jul 2011, 11:36
Best not have all vinyl or leather seats....might be a problem disembarking!

Oh I don't know, snails and slugs manage to move around, although they do take a lot of cleaning up after.:E

Brian Abraham
23rd Jul 2011, 11:51
Wot struck me is she has no bra. Shameful, indecent. Wonder what Flaps thinks, or should one not ask.

Noah Zark.
23rd Jul 2011, 16:40
Wot struck me is she has no bra

Wot struck me is that the girl in the helo picture is a beautiful example! :)

23rd Jul 2011, 21:50
Probably a bush pilot.

23rd Jul 2011, 22:54
From a medical viewpoint, it looks like acute angina.

Or was that a cute....

hat, coat.

23rd Jul 2011, 23:13
No fashion sense, wrong shoes with that outfit....:=

23rd Jul 2011, 23:14
Always used to say to mine "get em on" ain't much fun having nothing to get orf:E:ok:

24th Jul 2011, 18:36
Great Picture Brian... I notice that there's no sight of a squirrel in the pic.

But there is a beaver nearby

24th Jul 2011, 20:01
In the original photo she was wearing knickers, though.

Sorry to burst the bubble.

tony draper
24th Jul 2011, 20:17
Speaking of bums why is the pilot dressed like a beach bum?:uhoh:

24th Jul 2011, 20:24
You can see it has been photoshopped; the left bum and thigh aren't quite right.

Brian Abraham
25th Jul 2011, 04:23
I think this one has been photoshopped ;)


Howard Hughes
25th Jul 2011, 04:34
Perusing this thread intently, three year old son looks over my shoulder and says "why does that lady have her bottom out Dad"?

Me: "Ahem, ahh..." (quickly trying to move on or close the thread)
3YO: "Show me again Dad":ooh:

25th Jul 2011, 11:23
Now you've got us Scots MEN worried.

Lon More
25th Jul 2011, 13:48
Nothing new under the sun


25th Jul 2011, 15:01
In the original photo she was wearing knickers, though.

Sorry to burst the bubble

Thank goodness Shy someone with a little knowledge of photoshop fixed that.


25th Jul 2011, 15:56
I can assure you that running rotors aren't needed to gain visual access to regularly-hidden girly bits. I was sitting in a shopper carpark last Summer, getting ready to drive off, when a visually Gorgeous Young Mum (O.K., she was about 30) came walking across a clear part of the carpark towards me.

She had a little girl about 9 y.o. trotting alongside her, chatting to her. GYM was a willowy blonde, and wearing a plain RED, just-above-the-knee, unbelted dress. A sight to make any red-blooded male pause and admire - and I did.

Did I mention it was also quite a windy day, with sharp gusts? While admiring the gorgeous creature, who was walking directly towards me, and who was also making eye contact and smiling... an incredible gust of wind swept across the car park, and lifted her dress clear over her head in milliseconds! Imagine a Marilyn Monroe/vent grate moment, seriously amplified!! I got a full eyeful of a set of lovely, slim-cut, thigh-high, red knickers, along with a lovely red bra!

The horror of the moment struck the little girl a second or two before her Mother. Both vainly clutched at the offending airborne garment, as they tried to return it to where it properly belonged!
She then spotted my grin, which must have made me look a Cheshire cat... and she actually blushed!
Thank you, God... I know I deserve some miracles to come my way occasionally... but the timing and benevolence of that miraculous vision was exquisite! :D

25th Jul 2011, 18:00
If you were a genuine perve you'd have had your camera poised and ready for that moment.

Or are you holding out on us?

25th Jul 2011, 20:16
Onetrack, I had the same experience her a few days ago. Sitting at some traffic lights, watching a gorgeous young woman cross in front of me while talking on her phone, just as she passed directly in front of my car the wind caught her dress, revealing the most splendid legs and all of the cutest bottom you ever did see, courtesy of the tiny black g-string she was wearing. The dress fouled in her handbag and she struggled to get it back down with one hand, increasing the view time considerably as she crossed the road.

26th Jul 2011, 02:44
Vulcanised - Sorry to say, no camera was to hand, I'm not a permanently prepared pervert... it was just one of those moments where one wished one had a camera running.
Never mind, I can replay it in my mind a 100 times a day, if needed. Sorry I can't share the moment... those fleeting moments are rarely captured on video.