View Full Version : B744 lining up allowance for TORA

22nd Jul 2011, 15:16
When calculating operational MTOW, lining up allowance should be subtracted from TORA. Unlike for other boeing aircraft, there is no mention of such allowance in FPPM.

Anyone knows what is the typical distance required for B744 to line up rwy from 90 and 180 degrees turn?

22nd Jul 2011, 15:38
Don't know if it is official boeing data or company derived, but my manual says 90 degree angle 50 meters, after backtrack 75 meters any other angle 150 meters.

30th Jul 2011, 18:28
Thanx for reply! Is this from your company's SOP?

Has anyone also got the same numbers for B777-200 (200/200ER)?

I guess should be smth in between for B767 and B747...

31st Jul 2011, 19:55
Uhhh, wel it is in our manual, so that would make it our company's SOP. As stated, I don't know if it is official boeing data or company calculated!

1st Aug 2011, 12:33
These numbers can be found in the Boeing appendix to the Takeoff Safety Training Aid.