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G&T ice n slice
22nd Jul 2011, 11:14
a short length of tube which ends in a larger diameter flat bit which you put into wood so that you can then run a pipe through the middle??

I need about 50 of them in brass, but since I don't know what they're called I can't googol them.

((and anywhat googol hates me = I bet whatever they're colled when I googal them I'll just get a million hits directing me to "sexy-russian-babes.com"))

any ideas chaps?


22nd Jul 2011, 11:18
Pipe sleeve springs to mind

tony draper
22nd Jul 2011, 11:35
I had some good ones for those pneumatic tube cash delivery systems they used in places like Sainsburys,we fitted them in smoke barrier walls,if a fire broke out they used to collapse when subjected to heat and crush the tube flat,oft ponder it would be a good way of getting infomation out of someone,fit it round their neck and approach them with a blow torch.
I know I know! tiz just the way one's mind works.

22nd Jul 2011, 11:40
Pipe collars?

22nd Jul 2011, 11:41
ferrel tube

22nd Jul 2011, 11:42




Windy Militant
22nd Jul 2011, 11:47
P Clips? :confused:
Cable Clip - P Clip Solid Brass - Pack of 25 (http://www.gsparkplug.com/shop/battery-parts/clips/durite-cable-clip-p-clip-solid-brass.html)

22nd Jul 2011, 13:22

Solid Rust Twotter
22nd Jul 2011, 13:45
I believe the technical term is "thingies" or "wotsits".

tony draper
22nd Jul 2011, 13:53
Sallyann has the right of it, google Pipe Collars, images,more than you can shake a stick at.

G&T ice n slice
22nd Jul 2011, 20:03
Thanks chaps,

the flanges seemed to be end-fixings for bar-rails
the pipe-covers come in evry imagineable material except brass (odd that ?)
I finally tracked it down as "pipe shrouds"
see pretty piccy at
Sleeve Kits - Pipe Shrouds Radiator Valves (http://www.westradiators.co.uk/radiator-valves/sleeve-kits-pipe-shrouds.html)

only they're about 15 squid a pair and I need 25 pairs.

I think I'll have to get a 3rd job...

22nd Jul 2011, 21:45
'Shrouds' are essentially cosmetic, usually slide on the pipe itself. Typically they are used in showers etc.

If you want something that sits in the wood to locate the pipe and stop chafing you could have a 'flanged sleeve' or a 'grommet.' (Though grommets are usually rubber and isolate cable or pipe going through a metal surface.)

In Canada I usually use regular plumbing pipe clips available for about 5c in 1/2" and 3/4" versions. They have types for 'along' the wall and 'through' the wall.

I'll do picture tonight if I can.