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22nd Jul 2011, 06:28
Russian Roulette victim 'lost way in life' | Stuff.co.nz (http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/5327456/Russian-Roulette-victim-lost-way-in-life)

Fine example of parenting

22nd Jul 2011, 16:44
The bit that gets me was the 111 operator.

"My dad's just blown a hole in his head with a .38 but he's still breathing"

"Ok, give him CPR......"


22nd Jul 2011, 22:02
A positive pcr resulted in a negative cpr.

Can see the dilemma.

galaxy flyer
22nd Jul 2011, 22:15
Interesting variation on the old, "here, hold my beer" introduction to mayhem. Honestly, what can be said other than, shame it didn't happen before passing on his genes.


Sir George Cayley
26th Jul 2011, 16:12
I nominate Ms Winehouse for the 'It was bound to happen' Darwin Award.


26th Jul 2011, 16:59
I nominate Ms Winehouse for the 'It was bound to happen' Darwin Award.
Some people still think it's OK to give the kids a little smack now and again. I don't think Winehouse's parents would agree now though...

26th Jul 2011, 17:12
Mr Ferris decided against CPR as he knew his father, a former drug user and on the methadone programme, was a hepatitis C carrier


26th Jul 2011, 17:51
Down in the Bay of Roses RIGHT THIS MINUTE they have one of them there hang glider kitey contraptions with a bloke slung under it, 'bout 100' altitude, and towed behind a power boat - and yes, you guessed it, there's a thunderstorm flashing and booming away.

I'm sure when there's a ZZZAP and a FIZZZZ and a nasty smell of burning tourist, and a scorched budgie-smuggler and sandals drop from the heavens, the boat operator will be quite amazed......

26th Jul 2011, 18:15
QUICK MAN Get out there with a camera.

1st Aug 2011, 16:39
Yet another true Darwin Award....

Man who had been drinking is gored to death after taunting bull with pink umbrella | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2021144/Man-drinking-gored-death-taunting-bull-pink-umbrella.html)

1st Aug 2011, 16:47
Actually OFSO, it's yer towing part that's likely to put you in the ground (literally) as much as the thunderstorm. What you don't want is a phenomenon called lockout & unless you're driving the boat whilst simultaneously flying the glider, you're not in control of your own destiny.

2nd Aug 2011, 10:51
you're not in control of your own destiny

Are any of us ? I was thinking of building a small electronic device to strap on the forehead which would indicate at any given time how near we were to death/major injury depending on what we are doing.

Maybe just three LED's ? So lying in bed would get a green, sleepily murmering the wrong name aloud would bring up an amber, standing in an RIB floating in salt water using a mains electric drill to fit new supports to a landing stage would bring up a red.......

(All incidents from my own experience BTW, and I'm still here)

I still think you are safer in bed, esp. if it's a hospital bed. At least here in Catalunia.

3rd Aug 2011, 11:26

BBC News - New Zealand man 'decapitated' by home-made hovercraft (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-14386092)

3rd Aug 2011, 11:41
Don't forget the treehuggers! (http://www.stereogum.com/img/splinter.jpg)

unstable load
3rd Aug 2011, 11:45
'kin hell!!
What happened to him??

3rd Aug 2011, 11:49
'kin hell!!
What happened to him??
Splinter in his bum.

3rd Aug 2011, 11:59
There was the famous case of Larry Walters, who strapped an armchair under a weather balloon, drifting up and into Class C airspace over LAX.

He took a sandwich, a pellet gun, and some cold beer.

Unfortunately the contraption keep ascending, until it had reached the unexpected height of 15000 ft.

From memory ,an F 16 was scrambled, an he was chastised for being a very naughty boy, along with a fine for the airspace violation.

When asked why he did it, Larry uttered the vey reasonable reply..."A man can't just sit around." Wives to this day will attest to the truth of this declaration.

The Smithsonian later talked him into donating he cruciable of this fine urban legend to their museum.

The details are here

Larry Walters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Walters)

3rd Aug 2011, 12:03
There was another case of a guy who drifted off over the ocean on a deckchair fitted with balloons . . .

He didn't survive.

Adelir Antonio de Carli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adelir_Antonio_de_Carli)

3rd Aug 2011, 12:09
The guy lost over the ocean was a Brazilian priest who forgot to check the weather report.

Adelir Antonio de Carli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adelir_Antonio_de_Carli)

lol...same post at the same time...spooky.....

3rd Aug 2011, 15:33
Don't forget the treehuggers!

Anyone else think the young lady at the back looks a bit "naughty"...:E

3rd Aug 2011, 16:34
Anyone else think the young lady at the back looks a bit "naughty".

Gave him a woody......


8th Aug 2011, 17:08
BBC News - US woman Diana Nyad begins swim from Cuba to Florida (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-14438223)

8th Aug 2011, 17:43
Probably would have been more interesting if she had been the first. That stretch of water already looks like a swim meet I reckon.

Al Fakhem
9th Aug 2011, 06:48
She's 61 and too tough to chew for most sharks.:ok:

9th Aug 2011, 20:19
Technically, this could count as a Darwin if the damage is so it means he cannot procreate and therefore has removed himself from the gene pool...... OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW

Joshua Seto shoots himself in the penis after tucking fiancée's pistol in waist band | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2024227/Joshua-Seto-shoots-penis-tucking-fianc-es-pistol-waist-band.html)

18th Aug 2011, 22:25
Durham man hit 25,000-volt cable climbing onto train - Today's News - News - JournalLive (http://www.journallive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-news/2011/08/18/durham-man-hit-25-000-volt-cable-climbing-onto-train-61634-29256318/)

Durham man hit 25,000-volt cable climbing onto train - Today's News - News - JournalLive (http://www.journallive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-news/2011/08/18/durham-man-hit-25-000-volt-cable-climbing-onto-train-61634-29256318/2/)

18th Aug 2011, 23:35
Shocking !!

18th Aug 2011, 23:51
Rings a bell !


18th Aug 2011, 23:59
Am I right in pronouncing her family name "NAIAD" ?

19th Aug 2011, 00:24
Man shoots himself in the penis after tucking fiancée's pink pistol in his waist band

He probably wanted to have something pink and hard behind his zipper for once... well done !

22nd Aug 2011, 23:17
BBC website had a headline a few days ago which was something like "Beheading death could have been prevented". What? With ointment or something a la Blackadder?

Nursie: Ointment. That's what you need when your head's been cut off. That's what I gave your sister Mary when they done her. 'There, there,' I said. 'You'll soon grow a new one.'

22nd Aug 2011, 23:46
Rings another bell.


23rd Aug 2011, 10:54
Confession: I have just been working on our freezer, which involved dismantling the cool air ducting inside and unplugging the fan therein. The inside of the freezer was wet, so I hit the freezer "off" button first.

I also needed to pull the mains plug out of the wall, as I discovered when removing the fan connector. Still we techies are used to it, little bit of 220v livens us up.

(But I wouldn't climb on a carriage roof with overhead supplies. Bet that did the opposite of "livening him up".)

23rd Aug 2011, 10:56
That treehugger picture has quite put me off my lunch!

Lon More
23rd Aug 2011, 11:04
Slasher that was horrible, but I guess the tree had it in for him

23rd Aug 2011, 11:32
If instead of being taken off YouTube (as it was in the past) that clip was shown in every school at assembly time every now and then, that young chap would be with us today.

Lon More
23rd Aug 2011, 11:48
(if) that clip was shown in every school at assembly time every now and then, that young chap would be with us today.

Unfortunately he possibly never had a day at school in his life.

23rd Aug 2011, 12:02
Recent driver's eye view of a Darwin attempt in Adelaide. Convicted on counts of stopping a train and impeding the proper operation of a passenger transport service. He was ordered to undertake community service and write a letter of apology to the driver of the train.

Video: Youth convicted over train incident (http://click.e.adelaidenow.com.au/?qs=d7c2f1cd79c5032830466f4703bc4534fd8fb86af4554a4b5b56e06c 20560bf0b822e2aed0212d83)

23rd Aug 2011, 14:02
The internet has now made it easy to see moving pictures of people at the moment they are killed.

I wonder what the purpose is of the Youtube video above. Is it:

ghoulish fascination
all of the above
none of the above

Funny world we live in but in keeping with the desire to indulge in ghoulish voyeurism and also the spirit of this thread: Some pictures of another man dying. (http://uk.news.yahoo.com/stuntman-dies-after-200ft-fall-at-airshow-.html)

23rd Aug 2011, 15:39
Interesting question, MM. I asked myself why I watched that poor man on the carriage roof.

Would I have watched it if I'd not known he was going to be killed ? Probably not. So there's Ghoulish Fascination for you.

Education ? Yes, as an electronic engineer, albeit retired, I still have my hands in live circuits quite often. This clip reminded me once again not to get near overhead power lines (and for those who don't know, stay away from high power transmitters: RF burns are extremely painful and take for ever to heal).

Read your English history books: how well-attended public executions were, with souvenir and food and drinks sellers.....humanity hasn't changed.

uffington sb
23rd Aug 2011, 16:58
Lon More
I think HKPAX is referring to the young man from Durham.

tony draper
23rd Aug 2011, 17:10
When we started doing work on the Tyneside Metro System we were first obliged to attend a lecture on how to treat overhead cable,basically with extreme fear,one of our vans had a set of aluminium ladders on the roof rack when we entered the compound for the first time,these were confiscated and locked away and not returned until we finished the job six years later.
We were basically told if any of our chaps somehow got hung up on the overhead, do nothing because he is already dead, just get on the phone to the control center.

23rd Aug 2011, 22:55
I remember when they electrified the rail system in Brisbane and the cables were installed on the line which ran past the back of our school. We had two lectures from Queensland Rail staff on dangers associated with overhead cables. Scared the buggery out of me but unfortunately not one of my colleagues who decided that "Train Surfing" was the new best thing.

Made a horrible mess at Manly Station...

Some people will just refuse to take notice and :eek:

23rd Aug 2011, 23:34
After the storms we had in France around 2000, army helicopter pilots were hired to check high voltage lines.
One of them explained me they were told not to get too close to the wires. There's no need to actually touch the line, if you're close enough, an electric arc could hit the helicopter, strong enough to weld the rotors...

24th Aug 2011, 00:12
For electricity to flow and do damage it has to have a path. One of those paths can be to earth. If an individual or an object capable of conducting electricity bridges between a bare live cable and earth then electricity will flow. There are many variables but very high voltages can jump quite large gaps and cause spectacular damage and/or death or injury. A helicopter is in air and 'isolated' from 'earth' and so I think you will find the bit the army pilots were told about the dangers was not actually true.

To prove the point here is the obligatory Youtube clip:


And to see an example of electricity flowing across quite a large gap:


24th Aug 2011, 00:52
I admit, I wonder how people in small planes survive getting tangled in high voltage power lines. The plane as "Faraday cage" helps, but the fall could kill you. :eek:

Patience is a virtue until help arrives, and afterwards when explaining how you got there. :ouch:

24th Aug 2011, 01:05
I had no reason not to believe the pilot... I might be a bit naive... :sad:
Maybe the warning was about flying between the lines ? :confused:

24th Aug 2011, 08:51
Also depends on how much capacity to earth the helicopter exhibits.

24th Aug 2011, 08:58
The owner of the first video has disabled embedding and having looked at it again on Youtube it is probably because he wants viewers to read the interesting spiel he has posted below the video.