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20th Jul 2011, 11:41
Joyce should really learn to chew with his mouth closed.
The more you see of Joyce the more you realize that this man is unsophisticated.He has found his way into the corporate world by accident.
How the devil does he cope with the stresses of being a CEO.?No wonder they gave him the job and not Borghetti.He is a babe in the woods.Clifford definitely pulling the strings here

20th Jul 2011, 11:52
There are business reasons and there's bullsh!t.

Your post is definitely the latter and a slur on the unsophisticated who walk among us to boot.

The Kelpie
20th Jul 2011, 11:53
.....anything to get cheap labour!!

I give it a tums down Alan!!

More to follow

The kelpie

20th Jul 2011, 11:58
Hey Geebs..how many of us are overpaid and under sophisticated airline CEOs?

The Kelpie
20th Jul 2011, 12:10

Did your mother not teach you to never talk with your mouth full and to keep it shut when eating.

Australia does not want to see you masticating!!

I surprised he has time for these publicity stunts given all the challenges QANTAS is facing

More to follow

The kelpie

20th Jul 2011, 12:11
I'm no numbers man, Packers, I was just sticking up for the unsophisticated.

The Kelpie
20th Jul 2011, 12:20
Hello Anna Blythe.

Take it that you are straight out the chairmans lounge??

Credit where credits due at least Alan is wearing his ASIC, unlike the others where on the apron there was not one to be seen. Although Alan, you have to wear your ASIC above the waist in clear view, not on your belt beneath your jacket!! Tut tut!!

20th Jul 2011, 13:54
.....programmes here? I'm sure there's summat about that in the ROE. Mods??

The Ancient Mariner

20th Jul 2011, 14:07
They're talking about this Rossian -


I arrived home from work to find the missus watching it live
on Star World, and b!tched somewhere in JB about Joyce not
having been rightly served a bowl of fresh dogsh!t garnished
with pig puke.

20th Jul 2011, 14:49
Quite right Rossian. We get enough of this rubbish on TV (the UK version and all its tedious spinoffs) without having it clutter up JB. Come on Mods, you're usually on to this like a flash (or are you all secret foodies?) :*

20th Jul 2011, 16:39
There you are, excised again, a model of self moderation.