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20th Jul 2011, 05:50
I come seeking the knowledge of Pprune!!

I have just bought a pair of Lightspeed Zulu2s and thinking about batteries to buy. Originally I was going to be super clever and buy a set of 4 rechargeable batteries and a solar powered recharger that could sit on the dash so I would never be caught short!!

The catch now though is that after reading the User Guide it says:
"Use two “AA” alkaline or lithium batteries. Lithium
batteries may provide improved battery life in
colder temperatures. We do not recommend using re-chargeable batteries or mixing battery types and brands."

Why is it they don't recommend re-chargeable batteries? I'm only asking as to be honest its cost me a fair chunk of my annual pay and the last thing I want to do is go bugger them up by trying to save a few dimes with re-chargeable batteries!!!

20th Jul 2011, 05:59
Lightspeed Zulu2s $900.00

Think you're in the wrong job mate


20th Jul 2011, 06:01
Heh, not the wrong job, just right down the bottom of the ladder!!! First full-time job as a matter-of-fact!!

20th Jul 2011, 06:05
Always best to go with manual recommendations unless translated from Japanese to Cantonese to English.

And best of luck with job.

henry crun
20th Jul 2011, 06:25
Just guessing; could it be because most rechargeable batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.2v, ?
Maybe the Lightspeed Zulu2's operate more efficiently on the 1.5v of a dry cell.

blue up
20th Jul 2011, 08:08
I get about 50hrs of flying from a pair of Duracell 1.5v batteries in a Bose X. I generally carry one spare set in the bag and have never been caught short.

Rechargeables are no good.

20th Jul 2011, 11:49
Energizer lithium batteries (http://www.energizerlithium.eu/index.php?idi=uk) seem to work extremely well.