View Full Version : Manhole covers, should you park over them?

bugg smasher
19th Jul 2011, 17:05
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19th Jul 2011, 17:19
One thing about it, at least all the winter road de-icing salt was washed away from under the car. :p

19th Jul 2011, 17:28
Most Full Service Car Washes don't come with a Bidet. :ok:

19th Jul 2011, 19:23
Must've been in gear (or 'Park' if an auto), otherwise it would've been way down the road after that treatment!

I suppose the car owner's insurance will have to pick up the bill for repairs?

19th Jul 2011, 20:06
manhole covers, should you park over them?
probably find your car has been moved for you around certain parts of stockport these days.
the latest scam is for gangs to drive round remove manhole covers/drain covers and sell them to scrap metal merchants,
its cost the local council thousand's upon thousand's to replace them with toughened plastic covers.

19th Jul 2011, 20:29
Way back in the nineties they were building an expressway between my apartment and the heliport in China. As soon as the drains were in the manhole covers were nicked. Not a problem as one could drive around the holes. Come a ginormous monsoon rainstorm and the scenery was a foot deep in water. No problem as I could remember where the manholes were.
For others not so easy though.
You would see somebody suddenly disappear, or somebody riding a bicycle going head over heels and then their chicken baskets sailing away, it was endless.
Nobody got hurt though, I think.

A A Gruntpuddock
19th Jul 2011, 21:04
Not an isolated occurrence -

‪I will never spit in a manhole again!!‬‏ - YouTube

Sorry, just meant to display the link!