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Iain Wilson
19th Jul 2011, 12:09
Well - its all over for another year! My money was on the delectable Helen Milligan - but congrats to Thomas Pellereau. Helen`s business plan flopped spectaculary at the final hurdle.
Watch out for Susan Ma - reckon she`ll be going plces, too.
Will Jedi Jim Eastwood end up with his own Radio / Tele prog?
Comments, please!

19th Jul 2011, 13:06
I suspect you've got the wrong website Mr Wilson. One does not discuss celebrities and TV programmes on PPRuNe.

Quote from the JB RoE.
Celebrity threads and threads about television programs are not welcome. The web is full of places to discuss vapid subjects; go there.

Quite honestly, from what little I saw of it, the whole lot of them were (as usual) utter muppets with over-inflated egos, no business skills whatsoever and even fewer social skills. Other than that, I'm not saying any more.

JB Mods
19th Jul 2011, 13:27
Mr Wilson, you started one of these before and it was deleted for the reasons stated by mixture above.

For your future reference, if you have a thread deleted, do not start another one on the same topic.

JB Mods