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14th Jul 2011, 14:51
Hi guys

Finally getting round to updating our AHM 560s for 565s.

Not quite sure what some of the new stuff is getting at? Doors and lock definitions for example, what info do they actually want and why do they need it to complete a loadsheet?? missing restraints etc i get

Would anyone have a completed example I could cram from?? Any type is fine as its not the data I'm after. A google didnt show up anything useful:*

16th Jul 2011, 01:36

The extra sections of the AHM 565 are designed for a couple of purposes:

-Additional complexity of next generation aircraft such as the A380, 787, A350, 747-800 etc

- New advanced functions in next generation DCS such as Amadeus Altea (business rules etc).

-Better definitions of limitations currently published in the AHM560

There is a revised AHM565 due for publication in the 2012 AHM so personally my advice would be unless you have a specific requirement for the extra detail stick with the AHM560 for now! If you're still dealing with legacy DCS then the extra detail is useless anyway!

16th Jul 2011, 06:39
Thanks Rav

Will take your advice and leave it until we can afford such wizz jets. (I'll be loooooooong retired, even if my pension doesnt kick in till im eighty):ok:

21st Aug 2011, 21:46
Dear Nobby,

I would be happy to assist you with you ahm565.