View Full Version : 737, vnav & nadp2

7th Jul 2011, 14:08
On the 737 Classic/NG, what is your company's procedure regarding VNAV and NADP2?

My airline has had 3 different NADP2 profiles in the past year. I'd say U10.8A and VNAV on takeoff has required some changes.

What is the smoothest/least button punches way of complying with NADP2?

7th Jul 2011, 15:19
Hmm, good question, our normal climb out procedure is neither NADP1 nor 2, simply accelerate at 1000ft agl until 250kts whereas NADP2 would require up speed plus 10 to 20kts max. Guess the easiest way to achieve that is to configure your take off ref page 2 with your acceleration height and add an altitude constraint of 3000ft AGL to the climb page with the up speed to keep in schedule. Or simply use SPD Intervention and dial in the speed manually after flaps are up.