View Full Version : Jeppesen to Lido charts transition

5th Jul 2011, 20:19

My airline is in the way to use LSY Lido Route Manual charts instead of Jeppesen. Next step will be to move to EFB II.

My training department is working on a quiz in addition to the CBTs LSY provides.

Wondering if one of you already worked or have a sample quiz (for Jeppesen charts would work too) from which we could inspire ourselves?

Any feedback on LSY charts would be appreciated.

I have already noticed one "difficulty" compared to Jeppesen charts: for RNAV SID/STAR, associated signal (DME/DME, VOR/DME or GNSS) is not always clearly stated as on Jeppesen charts where you would find the information in the heading of the chart. On LSY charts, you may find this information on SID/STAR text pages.

I guess as LH operates GPS equipped airplanes, they do not feel the need to insist on this (I wonder how they manage GPS inoperative situations then) but my airlines operates 737CL & NG... and our CL has no GPS, so RNAV 1 based on GNSS is not for us.

Thanks in advance.
Your help is always appreciated.