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Private jet
14th Jun 2011, 18:40
About a month i developed a sore throat and "swollen" feeling in the ears, i've flown since then and its not been a problem as equalising the pressures via eustacian tubes is fine. Visited GP 3 weeks ago who reckoned upper respiratory infection and put me on a course of antibiotics (Amoxycillin). this didnt touch it though, so i returned and now on Viberox. Had aches and pains and night sweats (which GP reckons is par for the course) but the new antibios (3 days in) are not seeming to do anything either. Has anyone else had an infection like this go on for so long under such circumstances or should i start to be concerned? I am already, as this is a very new experience for me health wise and not a good one either.

14th Jun 2011, 19:52
Don't be alarmed, however you should rule out immune disorders (Lupus,HIV etc).

Echo Romeo
14th Jun 2011, 20:37
Friend of mine has very similar symptoms to those you describe, and for about the same lenght of time. He revisited the doc who also changed his antibiotics, though I don't know what he's on, and also prescribed a steroid inhalor.

He was warned it could take 6 weeks to clear up!

14th Jun 2011, 21:20
Sounds viral.

If you still have it in 2 weeks, go back to your GP.

15th Jun 2011, 05:34
Had similar symptoms for short periods over a number of years, getting progressively worse until they became almost debilitating.

Tonsillectomy resolved the issue, with the added bonus(ish) that I can now sink a beer in seconds. Might seem extreme but that's the Army for you.

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