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13th Feb 2001, 20:16
As a vitim of the last recession, I am naturally very wary about the effects of the next one.
Apparently, we have seen the first signs in Americia, and it may come here, I don't know?
I hope it doesn't come, but I recon it will hit us some time in the not too distant future.

Do you think it will come, and when?
What effect will it have on the Aviation industry ( Pilot recruitmentwise )?



13th Feb 2001, 21:13
Where did I leave my monty python song book...............Ah, here it is:

"always look on the bright side of life ....."

13th Feb 2001, 21:37

In the UK the recession of the late 80s early 90s occurred because of a culture
of spending beyound ones means at all levels

The consumer feel good factor caused an unsustainable boom which had to be checked
by high interest rates that were pushed even higher (15%?)when Lamont left the euro broad band exchange rate due to the Mr Soros
and his ilk

The high interest rates were ultimately paid for in job losses as companies found competition difficult

At the moment in the UK

1. Interest rates are stable/falling and low
2. Inflation is low and stable
3. We are not obsessed with E commerce
4. We are not talking our way into recession

The futures bright .. Think positive

Oh and ignore media negativity

Remember that the smart money is used to buy stock when things seem at their worst !!

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Going Around & Around
14th Feb 2001, 00:15
The more you talk about it, the more likely it is to happen. At the risk of sounding like an ostrich...hmhmh mm fmm mfm!
(Let's not go there - with a mouthful of sand)

Sorry, cheesy I know!

14th Feb 2001, 19:30
Good, thats what I wanted to hear.


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15th Feb 2001, 00:29
Alan Greenspan says there is no recession, just a bit of a plateau. Economic outlook is for a slower rate of economic growth but but no recession.

Keep taking the happy pills they work for me. :)

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