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14th Apr 2011, 03:41
Hello all,
I am looking for some advise and a push in the right direction. I am currently flying multi engine turbo prop(less than 20,000lbs though) as SIC for a 135. I can upgrade in a year or so and log PIC. The question is should i stay here and upgrade and log the 135 PIC multi turbine time then go to a regional. Or get in right away with a 121 regional start climbing the ladder and grab a number. Long term goal major airline pilot.

Thanks in advance.

14th Apr 2011, 07:23
Apply now for the 121 job. Take it when you can get it, and get the seniority number. You'll likely get into the left seat relatively quickly in the regionals, since there is a lot of attrition as others move to the majors.

G.S. Willy
14th Apr 2011, 07:38
I agree with Intruder. If your goal is a career with the majors, getting a number on the seniority list ASAP is the most important. The majors do not care if you have PIC time or not, and concidering your age, a move to the left seat can wait.

14th Apr 2011, 14:47
Yes that is the choice i was considering most for those exact reasons. Just trying to see if i was thinking clearly. Thanks

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