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Miss Bigglesworth
12th Feb 2001, 01:29
Apologies if this has already been a post, too many BM links to search through!

Subsequent to the BM Aptitude tests at Oxford, the 'Sorry, but....' letter stated that someone from the Marketing dept at OATS will be in contact to discuss how to go forward in pursuing "your desired career".

Just wondered if anybody has heard anything?

12th Feb 2001, 02:03
Been there, done that.
Got a phone call asking if I was interested in doing a self sponsored course.
That's marketing for you.
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

12th Feb 2001, 02:07
Don't worry. They'll be calling soon enough to see if you fancy spending fifty odd grand on one their courses.

12th Feb 2001, 16:21
.... Or alternatively , give Oxford ( or any other school ) a call & find out what options are available to you !

Sponsorships are few & far between - unfortunately , training is expensive . If you have no flying experience yet , try & get some before your next application - even a trial lesson demonstrates some enthusiasm .

Good Luck

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