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13th Mar 2011, 11:58
Hi guys,

I am wondering if there is someone out there flying long haul with the 737Ng.

I was recently going throught avherald and saw a news regarding a 737-800 flying from TER (lajes, in the Azores) to PUJ (Punta Cana, near Cuba).
This is an ETOPS segment of nearly 2500Nm, so I am impressed.

Is this really possible? Can they actually carry any pax? Are they using extra tanks, or is just the range at heavy MTOW simply that increadible?


13th Mar 2011, 12:08
Didn't Globespan used to fly from scotland to the westcoast with 738s? Apart from that, 2500NM is not all that much. We did a couple hamburg - goose bay flights, however low passenger numbers as it was a private charter for a major european aerospace company.

13th Mar 2011, 12:16
I think LH had a subsidiary which operated a business class only service from FRA or CGN to EWR, with about 70 seats on a 737.

Edit : I found this, but the information is no longer current

Lufthansa Business Jet - FlyerWiki (http://en.flyerwiki.net/index.php/Lufthansa_Business_Jet)

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Lufthansa Business Jet
Lufthansa Business Jet
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You enjoy the highest comfort and ideal connections on your flight between Europe and the USA. On board there is only one class of service - Business Class with only 44 seats on the Boeing 737 on flights to/from Munich and 48 seats on the Airbus A319 to/from Dusseldorf.[1] Lufthansa will operate this additional, all-Business Class flight with a Boeing 737 that has been refitted as a Business Jet. The aircraft has 44 modern lie-flat seats. When fully reclined, these provide an almost horizontal sleeping surface measuring two metres (6’6”) in length. Flights depart Frankfurt daily except Saturdays at 8.15 hrs and arrive in Newark at 11.45 hrs. Each day the new connection will be the first Lufthansa flight to land in New York. The return flight is scheduled for 15.55 hrs, touching down in Frankfurt the following day at 5.40 hrs. These flights can, of course, be combined with any of the existing services between New York and Frankfurt or Munich.

13th Mar 2011, 12:25
When I were with Astraeus we regularly flew EGKK-CYDF with a full (149) load with fuel capacity to spare - around 2250nm (still considered 'short-haul' by the BA Jumbo queens:)). Only occasionally did ETOPS 'additional' take us up to full tanks.

Doors to Automatic
13th Mar 2011, 13:51
Didn't you also fly from Bristol to Banjul (6hrs?) in a 737-700?

13th Mar 2011, 13:52
Our longest we have on the -800 is about 2900nm, non etops and with a few seats blocked. The issue is normally fuel density, as we fuel to the stops on these legs.

13th Mar 2011, 14:34
Didn't you also fly from Bristol to Banjul (6hrs?) in a 737-700?- and Manchester-Banjul but the OP asked about ETOPS.

13th Mar 2011, 14:36
ANA does a Tokyo - Mumbai run using a B737-700 in business config i think.

13th Mar 2011, 18:44
It's a 737-700ER- Basically a BBJ1 with a 2 class interior.

From the Boeing website:-

The high-performance derivative comes with an option for up to nine auxiliary fuel tanks, giving it a maximum fuel capacity of 10,707 gallons (40,530 liters) and a maximum range of 5,630 nautical miles (10,425 km).

14th Mar 2011, 02:19
Thanks for your replies.

RTO, 2900nm in an 800? Whow....impressed.

Is that with max takeoff weights and charter configuration ( how many seats and blocked seats)?

Even without being ETOPS, that is a long flight...can really imagine the fuel tanks being filled right to the limit!

May I ask origin and destination of those flights?

14th Mar 2011, 02:41
Seen a few guppies at HNL. Had that Eskimo on the fin. Maybe they were lost.

unmanned transport
14th Mar 2011, 04:23
That esskie dude on the fin is out of BLI.
Westjet run their's out of YVR to HNL, sometimes the Pac winds prevent then from it.

14th Mar 2011, 10:07
KLM operated wet leased privatair 737NG for a second daily AMS-Houston for years. Just to boost business class capasity between 2 oil industry areas. They'll replace it with an A332 soon though.

Great Circle Mapper (http://www.gcmap.com/mapui?P=AMS-IAH&MS=bm&MP=p&DU=mi)

14th Mar 2011, 16:39
SXM-MSP...with 800....2700NM...

14th Mar 2011, 16:50
Norwegian does ENGM-OMDB, pretty close to the limit as I understand:)
Some blocked seats, unknown how many.

14th Mar 2011, 17:12
Turkish has just ordered 10 737-900s to replace A330s on their African network. Will be configured with 151 seats and fly sectors up to 5500km (IST-DAR)

15th Mar 2011, 02:41
Pacific Blue operate a stock standard 737-800 on the following routes which is pretty much the operational limit if you want to keep the Regular in Public Transport. These airlines that are pushing it out to nearly 3000NM aren't arriving with much fuel!

Great Circle Mapper (http://www.gcmap.com/mapui?P=per-hkt&MS=wls&DU=nm&SG=.78&SU=mach)

Great Circle Mapper (http://www.gcmap.com/mapui?P=syd-dps-bne-dps-mel&MS=wls&DU=nm&SG=.78&SU=mach)

porch monkey
15th Mar 2011, 03:27
They're good fun too, eh GA. Particularly when they want to fill all the seats and you need holding/diversion fuel at DPS!

15th Mar 2011, 04:15
Malaysian Airlines (MH) operates their new B737-800 on long haul ETOPs flights from KUL to various dest in India and Japan....and have a comfortable amount of fuel on arrival at dest....!!:)

15th Mar 2011, 12:42
And AirEuropa operates TLL-TFS, gc distance 2913nm with their 737-800, no blocked seats (180-something).

Eff Oh
15th Mar 2011, 14:45
Yeah Globespan operated long haul on the 737NG. We used the NG on Glasgow and Knock to Boston, Liverpool - JFK and Glasgow - Hamilton. We also did the odd Orlando with a tech stop in Bangor.

15th Mar 2011, 18:33
Copa Airlines, PTY to EZE around 6 hours...in 737-800

16th Mar 2011, 04:03
Longest i've done for distance YEG-MJB 2,670 but for time in the seat VRA-YVR 2,511 but took us 7:35 block with the winds.

Too long for me. Know plenty of guys flying for Privat Air it's all long haul with first class config. basically a BBJ2 operating for Lufty, Swiss and now Gulf.

16th Mar 2011, 04:32
Longest I have done is YYT-YYC 2695NM in 6:10

16th Mar 2011, 16:12
Thanks guys.

The performance is definately there, however most of the longer flights seem to be limited on pax capacity (payload).

It seems however that is might be a good aircraft for longer flights.

16th Mar 2011, 20:17
We are doing HAM-DXB at TUIFly, 3037 NM SAD. No problems eastbound, but sometimes tough on the return sector. Payload limited to 120 seats. Usually it´s a tankering problem since the fuel is warm in DXB. Company cinsidred eco tankering to lower temperature, but that is kind of spoiling economics.:ugh:

A pumps
16th Mar 2011, 20:53
Privatair. Operated the -700 or -800 from some place is Switzerland to Houston texas.

The seats in the 737 flightdeck are not comfortable for such a long flt...

5th Apr 2011, 20:01
I fly the 73-700 AMS - IAH four and a half thousand miles, and with fuel to spare! 11 hours plus Westbound. Only going to work 4 times a month is the carrot on the stick.

5th Apr 2011, 20:05
Eff Off - I think I did that Orlando flight with you. Now that was a long day/night /day as we positioned back !!

Eff Oh
14th May 2011, 11:10
You sure did mate! A hell of a long day. :-)

18th May 2011, 07:19
Copa Airlines Panamá (PTY)- Montevideo (MVD) 3385 nm on a B737-700.

21st Aug 2011, 07:57
Many daily Flights in 700/800s from Mainland US and PANC to PHNL. Legs 2500NM+

chimbu warrior
21st Aug 2011, 09:30
Regularly used to do 2750 nm sectors in the -800 with 156 passengers. We used a low contingency fuel (2%), close alternate and 30 mins reserve, and never seemed to have any problems.

Also used to operate YVR-HNL into winter jetstreams, and my longest trip was 7:30 block.

21st Aug 2011, 10:25
We currently fly normal passenger services in 186Y configured -800s over 2800+NM (TXL DXB), however i dunno if the passenger load is reduced, probably only around the 160 mark. Contigency is 3% on every flight anyway and reserve is at 30 min as on every other flight as well, non ETOPS though.

21st Aug 2011, 10:55
I've done Abuja-Heathrow in an -800, around 2600 NM. We had 10 passengers:E.