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1st Mar 2011, 10:29

My company operates all takeoffs as No Engine Bleed takeoffs to save the engines (B737 Classic + NG).

There has been no documentation put forward to help explain to us how much we actually save by doing this in terms of EGT/saved maintenance costs. Considering the extra fuel burn to the APU and the associated higher maintenance costs - is this really cost effective?

With max derate and assumed temperature of 60 - how much is then saved by using this procedure?

1st Mar 2011, 11:14
Quite significant I would guess in terms of TBO on the motors due to the reduced max temperatures achieved - they could always 'drop' the APU and go no bleeds!:)

de facto
1st Mar 2011, 11:17
Thats what i call a Low Cost airline!
So you do bleeds off with derate and assume temp?

1st Mar 2011, 12:23
No engine bleeds and a max derate? Yikes. What's the seat pitch? Let me guess - you have to pay to use the lav, too?

1st Mar 2011, 12:48
Shortly after we introduced the laptop performance calculation tool I had a tower controller ask if we had had an engine failure! The view from the sharp end has changed completely on some takeoffs with long runways and a short sector.