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14th Apr 2001, 04:35
Apologies if this was posted already - anyone know what happened?

A Ryanair plane en route to London was forced to make an emergency landing in Denmark after losing height due to a fall in cabin pressure. The Boeing 737 with 90 passengers on board had to fly back to its point of departure, Tirstrup Airport, in Aarhus, Denmark's second city.

A spokeswoman for Ryanair said that there had been technical problems with the flight which engineers were now inspecting. Many of the passengers were put up in a hotel for the night after the incident.


14th Apr 2001, 07:32
I think that the most shocking thing about this is that Ryanair actually paid to put passengers up in a hotel

Is this a first???

Mutt :)

Devils Advocate
14th Apr 2001, 09:18
I thought all their landings are emergency landings !

14th Apr 2001, 12:10
Low life of RYAN.............air

Danish Pilot
14th Apr 2001, 12:26
Aaaah please, It could have been one of you guys (or girls), and what would you have done...????

No I don´t work for Ryan, but SAS, and we are all in the same busniess here, so give it a rest!!!

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14th Apr 2001, 13:29
Mutt, Devils Advocate, sofsonteaser;

Some friendly advice:


I cannot believe grown-up ADULTS, with the ability to think RATIONALLY & with REASON are still able to write such CHILDISH posts!!



14th Apr 2001, 16:28
Irishboy - I believe that Ryanair had a similar incident not so long ago - it may even be the same aircraft. That incident made it on to BBC's "Watchdog" program. Apparently some of the passengers oxygen masks were in very poor condition. I believe that the Irish aviation authority made Ryanair check the condition (and replace where necessary) all passenger masks on that fleet.

14th Apr 2001, 21:40

It is becoming a bad habit of yours. Nearly every comment you have made over every topic you have contibuted to has been some childish dig at Ryanair. I am glad that a couple of other people have noticed this time. Is there anything constructive you have to say? I am beginning to wonder where this deep problem with Ryanair comes from. Why don't you tell us all!

15th Apr 2001, 03:57
>Sky clear> If that’s your new name on pprune> I only try to remind people of the working conditions in Ryan Air that everybody else with a good job want to avoid. I’m so glad that a lot of people are taking notice. That’s the point of writing in this forum if you didn’t notice Have a nice Easter and enjoy your 100 hrs this month.

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15th Apr 2001, 11:42

I'm sure he will enjoy his 100 hours this month. I'm certain he will enjoy taking home close on £4000 this month even more. Your application been refused again has it?

It must be terrible being on the outside and looking in.

15th Apr 2001, 13:06
>Red-liner> my application would never even come close to that crab. My wife earns twice your salary so even if I did not have a good job I would not be forced to prostitute myself. Do you think the slaves applied to be what they were 400 years ago? I wonder why people do it today. 4000 £ a month is not too much is it. ? I mean what are your expanses to stay in London. What does it cost you to pay for loss of licence, insurance and saving up for retirement? You even have to pay a lot for food and soft drinks every day. I know some of you don’t save to retirement because it’s not necessary. Flying 100 hrs a month for the next 30 years put an end to your life. The ONLY advance life of Ryan gives to its Scandinavian pilots is low tax. What about all those working conditions, your own pilots write about on pprune. Flying around low on fuel, don’t be sick, incidents because of fatigue because of no food for up to 14 hrs. 20 minutes scheduled stress causing turnarounds, AND THiS 100 HRS a MONTH THING to get your sector pay.
My point is that Scandinavian people shall fight not to have these conditions here. You know, for a lot of us flying around or sitting in a little 500£ standby room in London is not the only thing in life to have a few bucks more every month. We have something called a life, and we like to keep it that way.

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16th Apr 2001, 15:19
engine failure
blew most of the turbines out

737-NG First Officer
16th Apr 2001, 17:24
Any of you Ryan chaps / chapesses fancy giving a bit of input into the thread in 'Terms and Endearment'? Please!?

17th Apr 2001, 23:38
Sofsonteaser -
I must admit, that after reading all your posts, I get the point at last. You don't like Ryanair (Brilliant brain ehhh,)but how come it's only Ryanair? What about Easyjet, Go, Buzz, sunair of DK, newair, DAT etc.?
For a fellow dane, it seems strange that all you can write about is Ryanair - I don't know much about them, and neither do my friends. Where do you get your knowledge from, is it inside information or is it just rumours? Have you been to an interview, test or ?
Tell us a little bit more.

If you write your posts in word, and then use the spellchecker, I think people will have a chance of understanding you. Right now, its a little hard to understand your spelling - sorry!

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20th Apr 2001, 15:56

Apologies for not having responded sooner but have been really busy prostituting myself over the last few days, it felt great.

Please allow me to respond on a point by point basis so that reality has every possible chance of dawning upon you.

1. Most Ryanair staff live in close proximity to Stansted Airport which is a 45 minute train ride from the centre of London and as a result house prices and rent are fairly reasonable.

2.Loss of licence is provided by the company at no cost to the employee and as for insurance and retirement that is up to the individual concerned but we are certainly talking about rates that won't break the bank. Ryanair also contribute to an employee's pension if one is taken out by the employee.

3.Flying 100 hours a month for the next 30 years????? How many pilots do you know that have flown short-haul for that long? Apart from the Dublin based pilots I'm sure you'll find that most of the pilots at the other bases will be moving on to bigger and better things long before this sort of work rate has any adverse long term effects.

4.Working conditions are certainly not as bad you perceive. The fuel issue has gotten totally out of hand. We fly with the legally required amount of fuel as set out by the IAA, JAA, CAA, etc. The problem was that some captains were loading up on fuel (excessively) when weather was an issue and arriving back at Stansted with excessive, and often very expensive, amounts of fuel on board. (on the humorous side, the Base Captain who initiated the new fuel policy recently got stung on his line-check as a result of using it. It did raise a chuckle in our "little £500 standbyroom")

5.Who pays a fortune for food and drink? Certainly no-one that I know. Most of the -200 crews are back shortly after lunchtime when on earlies. Quite a few of the -800 crews are back before lunchtime and all crews on both fleets are generaly back by 22:30 (local) when operating lates and the majority of these commence after lunch anyway. So I'm not sure where ALL these 14 hour days come from or where food becomes such a huge drain on our resources.

6.I have never seen a scheduled 20 minute turnaround in all my time at Ryanair. I have done one in 12 minutes though but we will put that one down to good fortune.

7.Sector pay is not paid on the provision that you fly a certain amount of hours. What it does ensure though is that those pilots who are asked to do 100 hours in a month get suitably reimbursed for their troubles.

8.The Scandinavian issue. Most of the Scandinavian pilots I have flown with seem to be very happy over here. Any complaints that they do have bear a remarkable resemblance to those of the Ryanair pilot body as a whole. Another thing!! None of them have mentioned to me that they were forced to sign their contracts at gunpoint.

I'm sure we will readily admit that pilots the world over are possibly the biggest group of whingers around and that no matter where we may work we will always find something to moan about. However, what possibly pi**es us off the most is someone who bitches about something which has absolutely nothing to do with them and 'Sofsonteaser' I'm afraid that's you.

You say your wife earns twice as much as I do, that you have a great job and that you have a life. Well, why don't provide us with a bit of proof and spare us the pain of seeing your pathetic posts for a while.

I'm very happy at Ryanair. It isn't the greatest job in the land and yes I have things to moan about but should someone wish to raise an issue about Ryanair allow it to be someone like myself and not someone who knows little, if not nothing, like yourself.

Got to go an prostitute myself now. Hundreds of clients ready to make me feel cheap and abused. FANTASTIC. :)

20th Apr 2001, 16:57
I'm not sure... Perhaps the topic for most of us should be what went wrong, what the captain did and what can we learn about it. Forgive me if I seem to be too naïve.

20th Apr 2001, 21:20
Well enjoy your life and clients then. And have a nice weekend.
At least you must admit that people are running out of hours (900 a year or 600 on 6 month) and then forced to be home for month to be re fit for flight.

If you feel abused I can understand that and that’s what I don’t want to be.
After having flown into ATH new airport I must admit I know what the meaning of the abused is.
Nothing works.But you will never make that experience because it is expensive to land in this airport and Ryan Air will never pay to land there. If they start a route from who knows to ATH they will properly land in a dead military airfield 400 km away and call it Athens. That could lead to the point prostitution. Lets make an example: An airport in socialistic Denmark has received its death penalty, because of the infrastructure. There has been build a new bridge between east and west Denmark and there is no more use of this airfield. Now some socialist found out that it is better to prostitute the landing fee, passenger taxes and everything else so 3 or 4 persons can keep their job and maybe 4 persons can be employed. Ok there is not going to be any profit and it will properly cause a big minus on the bottom line, but it doesn’t matter because the Danish taxpayers will pay it for, and everybody will be happy. This is off course not Ryan Airs fault but just a little story of prostitution. Lets call the airfield Esbjerg.

Maybe you and your colleague’s lives nearby Stansted, well that’s one of my points in get a life and its not that cheap is it?

I’m glad for you that your base commander has a new point of view of your flying around with minimum fuel policy.

The point with paying for soft drinks, food and so on came on another post in pprune from one of your own pilots who was afraid of incidents caused by fatigue because as he wrote: you was flying around for up to 14 hours without any foot.

If you want to see a 20 min turn around try to watch your timetable on AAR. Are your cabin attendants still doing the cleaning themselves after 189 passengers on this 20 min?

Sector pay is sector pay and another way to make people work like hell and get the profit in the some other pockets

Off course nobody was forced to sign their contracts with Ryan Air but some had to do it after they had been complaining for years or was kicked out of their companies or whatever happened to them where they was before.

Everybody have something to complain about and nothing is perfect but I think it’s my right to try to hold these conditions as your own colleagues complain about out of my land and defiantly out of my company.

Even I have to work tomorrow morning, again and I just came back. Prostitution is coming closer.
I, and at lot of other people don’t find my posts pathetic so I guess you must get used to being pissed. Sorry. :)

I’m very glad that my lovely wife earns that amount of money that sets me free to stay in tax abused Denmark and still can do, as I want.

Love from sofsonteaser…………………………….

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21st Apr 2001, 01:53
i think the point is ,there was a problem, the IAA said what needed to be done,everybody agreed....
den maybe it happened again???

25th Apr 2001, 03:10

Youre right. Ryanair had a problem in Aarhous. Sorted out like any airline would do. End of story. What about the rest of the posts on this thread? Be anti-Ryanair or anti-BA or whoever, if you want to but if this is a professional pilots' forum let's keep some sense of proportion to things guys and gals. It seems that Fr is no better, no worse than most other companies. Keep the comments professional and accurate, oatherwise this forum will lose it's credibility for us professionals.

30th Apr 2001, 21:42
RED-LINER > I miss you.......are you working that hard.?

1st May 2001, 02:03

As a third party reading your posts on this thread, the way I see it is that your anger is not so much vented against Ryan Air as it is on the socialist Danish tax authorities. I may have been mistaken, but did I read it right?

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