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23rd Feb 2011, 17:49
Hi... This is my first post on here...
Basically today I was given a new headset, I believe it is a Telex 3100.
The problem is there is only one jack coming from the headset and the aircraft I fly require dual jacks one for the mic and one for the earphones.
Is this a helicopter headset? or just a strange headset?


23rd Feb 2011, 18:08
Probably a listen only headset.

Or if the plug looks like anything except an audio plug then it's an airbus plug.

23rd Feb 2011, 18:13
It has a Mic and the jack has 3 white bands on the jack which means it has stereo and mic so I dont think its a listen only. and its not an airbus plug as the headset is basically a standard G/A headset... :ugh:

23rd Feb 2011, 18:19
Sounds like a helicopter plug to me if its a single, fat connector (U-92A/U), you can get adapters for those....

23rd Feb 2011, 18:32
Possibly an Air3100l, have a look at this http://mag.telex.com/telex/documentation/air-3100_air-3100l_user_instructions.pdf (http://mag.telex.com/telex/documentation/air-3100_air-3100l_user_instructions.pdf)
Pages 2&3 have pictures, you can probably rewire it or get an adaptor.

23rd Feb 2011, 19:06
Its defiantly the 3100L any ideas where I could find an Adaptor? Or how to rewire it :)

23rd Feb 2011, 19:26
Sorry Phil, but the 3100L does NOT have a microphone - the L version is the headphone-only version of the 3100.

The wiring needed for GA use is shown within the User Manual linked by DB6.

Exactly what version/wiring you have currently is near impossible to figure out, particularly since the Telex website is very nearly the worst website on the planet. :ugh:

It's a good bet the unit you have is wired for helicopter use.

Adaptors > Headset Services Limited - Adaptors (http://www.headsetservices.com/products/hsl/adaptors.html)

(Disclaimer: I have no association or link with the above website... found it via Google)

- GY

23rd Feb 2011, 19:33
All I know is it has the usual boom mic but a single plug :ugh: do helicopters use single jacks then?

23rd Feb 2011, 19:52
do helicopters use single jacks then? Yep!

The plug will be shortish, with 4 conductors, tip and 3 rings.


- GY

23rd Feb 2011, 19:57
That's not mine then. It's pretty much Identicle to one of the G/A plugs same length and thickness with a screw ring on it?

23rd Feb 2011, 20:09
This is the headset i have with the plug I'm trying to describe...

AVIATION PILOT HEADSET TELEX AIR 3100 on eBay (end time 22-Feb-11 14:48:39 GMT) (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/AVIATION-PILOT-HEADSET-TELEX-AIR-3100_W0QQitemZ200577600364QQcmdZViewItem?rvr_id=212940021447&rvr_id=212940021447&cguid=9e1f4b5f12d0a0e203e39033ff73d6ac#ht_500wt_922)

23rd Feb 2011, 21:14
Does it look something very much like this?


This is a PJ-051 connector (I believe you said yours has a locking screw-ring at the body?)

Then my friend what you have here is a "ground crew headset" - this is the headset the ground crew will use to plug up to the aircraft. The single plug makes this easier. A common return 'signal-ground' is used for mic and headphone, hence only 3-conductors are used (mic+, headphone+ and common signal-return).

What you need is a S830 to PJ055B/PJ068 adaptor. The S830 mates with the PJ-051.

Couldn't find one in a quick search on the web (I think David Clark makes one...), but your local avionics shop should be able to knock one up.

- GY

23rd Feb 2011, 21:36
Ahhhh drat...
Well to be honest im tempted to sell it instead of fixing it less hassle.
Thank you so much for all your help :)