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slam dunk 4
22nd Feb 2011, 21:28
Hi all,

with my company we are blanking the lower display for the 'pop up' feature. My question are:

A) is this a Boeing procedure?
B) any other Company who does this?
C) at which phase of the flight are you switching that thing on again? or do you leave it off all the time?
D) at what irregularities does the display pop up....?

Many Thanks

22nd Feb 2011, 21:50
B) pilot's choice
C) pilot's choice

I prefer it 'up'. Many FO's 'blank' it. If they do I leave it blank. Ultimately either way is fine.

22nd Feb 2011, 21:51
A. Yes, read your Vol2

B. All operators except those who think they know better than Boeing

C. Mostly off, except if you desire to have a look at somewhat regular intervals.

D. - Engine shutdown airborne
- Engine fail
- N2 in red/amber
- Oil press in red/amber
- Oil temp red/amber
- Oil Qty low
- Vib high

22nd Feb 2011, 23:00
C: Off after the control check. On at after-landing flow.

That's my company's policy, anyway.

22nd Feb 2011, 23:17
Yup, off for us as well as per boeing procedure. However newer planes automaticly switch to compacted secondary engine instruments on the upper DU (need to press ENG twice to get rid of it), the lower is used additionally for the camera feed.

23rd Feb 2011, 02:30
Our 737Ngs don't have a lower screen, and we operate as per Denti above, except that the lower screen is not physically there, it's been replaced with a display of a totally separate system.

Actually seems better for me!

Cheers... :)

slam dunk 4
23rd Feb 2011, 07:04
Ok thanks a lot,

and if you switch to the compacted secondary engine instruments mode on the upper DU and the lower DU is blank, you don't have the pop up feature...right?

23rd Feb 2011, 07:47
and if you switch to the compacted secondary engine instruments mode on the upper DU and the lower DU is blank, you don't have the pop up feature...right?

Here's what the FCOM says about your last question.

Exceedance Indication
YA609, YK910 - YM652
Displayed as rectangular box outline around secondary engine parameters if limits are exceeded when compact display is selected.
The outline has thick lines and blinks for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the lines are thinner and do not blink. The color of the outline matches the color of the exceedance - amber, red or white.

23rd Feb 2011, 14:37
Boeing does not have any good description of the pop-up feature, that Ive been able to locate. However if you go in to the logic and see that the compact and the secondary engine format can not be displayed simultaneously. The conclusion would be that having compact display shown, inhibits pop-up. Personally I find the Compact display to be messy and distractive.

23rd Feb 2011, 23:47
As bArt2 described you get the blinking box instead of the pop up feature. The same is true if you leave the secondary indication on the lower DU instead of blanking it.

I do agree though, the upper DU becomes a tad cluttered if you have compacted secondary engine indication up, status messages for datalink and ACARS and some autoland message. However it is a way to keep those indications in scan while watching the girls on the lower DU.

24th Feb 2011, 09:12
The screens very existence becomes academic after TOC, as putting a normal sized laptop on it, (with the screen also blocking the upper DU) means it cannot be viewed for much of the cruise.

Of course, if anyone has found a better solution for both seats to watch the DVD simultaneously I am ready to learn.....


25th Feb 2011, 19:59
With an exception, the screen will not 'pop up' if you have an Hydraulic failure, so remember to press SYS and check the pressure and quantity.

25th Feb 2011, 20:59
You should get a mastercaution HYD for that though, no mastercaution for the rest of the lower DU stuff.

2nd Mar 2011, 20:54
Denti, very true!