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22nd Feb 2011, 05:19

i have a problem with the brake system. when i use a normal brake (using rudder paddle) it seems like the aircraft produce some jerking motion. btw when using auto brake, the aircraft produce very smooth braking motion.

any idea??


22nd Feb 2011, 08:25
any idea??
Write this in the Tech Log. This is a item for maintenance not for a forum.
Did the aircraft tend to one side during manual braking?

Callsign Kilo
22nd Feb 2011, 09:06
My guess is you are experiencing the anti-skid adjusting to the variation of pressure that you are applying when you brake manually. The auto-brake has a more controlled or constant rate of deceleration as in comparison to the more varied brake modulation that you would experience with manual brakes. With each modulation of brake pressure, the anti-skid has to readjust. Large and varying brake modulations can cause what may be described as a 'jerking motion,' as the anti skid readjusts pressure quickly.

This is only one explanation based on my experience. You should check the tech log for any history and consult maintenance if the problem seems more pronounced. Brake or tyre problems will generally cause the aircraft to weave or yaw to a particular side. The FCTM describes brake and tyre issues alongside their associated problems in the non-normal section.

22nd Feb 2011, 10:15
thanks for the reply..

i do check the tech log and this is the first time aircraft facing this kind of problem...

the aircraft didn't move to one side,,it stick at one point/direction only..