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21st Feb 2011, 07:56
Hi guys,
somebody knows why I can select max reverse immediately at main gear touch down on A320 and instead on A330 only after REV green indication?
thanks for any replay


21st Feb 2011, 09:30
michelda, I'm not aware of any such limitation or procedure but I'm willing to learn something new. On the 340 one must wait for ENG 1 AND 4 THRUST REVERSER LEVER INTERLOCK to insure no excessive asymmetrical thrust is produced.:ok:

21st Feb 2011, 10:51
9.G: not true. On the A340 one can select 2 & 3 directly to REV whilst still waiting for the 1 & 4 interlock to release.

21st Feb 2011, 14:50
Meikleour, nothing in my post said you can't select 2 and 3, talking of real life here. Don't tell me you select full reverse on 2 and 3 and then start fiddling with 1 and 4?

21st Feb 2011, 19:05
9.G: not exactly what I meant! All engines up to the interlock then the inners pulled right through whilst you wait for the interlocks to release then both outboards to full reverse as well. A technique which can be used to good effect on limiting runways and once used when landing 80tonnes overweight.
The technique will seem quite familiar to anyone with time on B707 or B747 when a similar `fiddling` was required with an engine out landing.

21st Feb 2011, 20:09
Meikleour, perhaps you're right. I personally simply wait for coupla seconds and pull all of'em simultaneously let alone that most of the time it's IDLE reverse anyways. :ok: