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20th Feb 2011, 22:06
I've always wanted to be a Southwest pilot. Problem is I'm too young to actually get a job with the airline, or even at an airport yet. I'm a virtual Southwest pilot on an incredibly realistic simulator (fully functional FMC, nav systems, IRS, etc)

I've got quite a few questions that only a Southwest pilot could answer.

(I'm not a flying newbie) One of the questions is - how do you set the speeds to keep the flight on schedule when in a severe head wind (80KT+ at FL380)

I have quite a few advanced operations questions.
Another one is - how exactly should I set the cost index? I've seen it set to 20 before

Anyone who is a Southwest pilot

20th Feb 2011, 22:17
Perf init page is what we non southwesterners use.... must'a be a magical button in them SW jet flyin' machines.

21st Feb 2011, 06:15
I've got all the flight data set in the computer, yet no matter what I do I cannot make up the time. It was right at me, with the cost index set and all the speed hold data set. I even pushed the cost index higher and STILL couldn't even get close to on schedule.

21st Feb 2011, 08:15
RTA... try Required Time of Arrival. Can't remember what page of the PROG Section RTA is on. RTA will get you to where you want to get to as long as no aircraft limitations are exceeded. A message will be displayed in the scratch pad of the FMC/CDU if your desired arrival time can't be made.

21st Feb 2011, 09:05
Vmo/Mmo on climb, Mmo cruise, Mmo/Vmo descent.

If you can't make schedule then, it's because the aircraft isn't capable of it- and this does happen in strong head-winds.

21st Feb 2011, 09:18
Its not wise to make schedule by flying at the upper limits, that makes no economic sense at all. Keep your initial cost index (which is probably around 8 or so), request directs, hit LRC if you want to gain a minute - nothing you can do will make a considerable difference ;) RTA is on progress page 2 or 3 depending on the software bits, punch in the initial approach fix, take your scheduled landing time, subtract eight minutes or so, put that into the RTA field, expect RTA UNACHIEVABLE in the scratchpad :E

22nd Feb 2011, 19:39
.... I'm not sure that making ecconomic sense is such a big deal when he's a Flight Sim pilot!!

24th Feb 2011, 08:15
Please don't think that. I'm interested in learning the procedures, and I plan to be a real pilot some day. I've checked the FMC, and sadly the RTA is inop on this version (and my data cycle is unable to be updated). I'm soon to switch to a sim that should have RTA, and it the information here will be put to good use.

I put myself under a schedule used by real pilots, and if one flight is behind schedule, the whole flight line for that aircraft gets backed up. I appreciate everyone's help!