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8th Jan 2011, 19:28
Hi Guys, i'm new to the Forum but i do need all the help that i can get. I currently hold dual citizenship for both the Caribbean and the United Kingdom but i'm indecisive as to whether i should go down the FAA or JAA route. Pleas advise

Also i was thinking of going to Orlando Flight Training to commence my training any feedback on them would be much appreciated.


8th Jan 2011, 20:19
Hi, you should use the search function in the website before you post something, since there is quite some threads that talk about OFT in FL.

Since you are new i don't mind helping you a bit.. ;) Follow the links and read.

http://www.pprune.org/professional-pilot-training-includes-ground-studies/402614-naples-air-centre-eft-orlando-ft-ormond-beach-aviation.html This thread talks about OFT and other schools, useful.

http://www.pprune.org/professional-pilot-training-includes-ground-studies/375286-orlando-flight-training.html Another useful thread where you can ask questions

Just search the forum for more, good luck :ok:

9th Jan 2011, 07:54
i have been to this school for 10 months. and i think its one of the worst schools i hv ever seen in aviation industry. they just need money. they do anything with the student for money. i would suggest you a big NO... all the best

10th Jan 2011, 09:27
Go to EFT. Brilliant place.

10th Jan 2011, 09:40

I had a similar dilemma a couple of months ago, whether to do an Australian CPL or JAA. I asked around and was told the same thing.

"If you want to end up as an airline pilot, do the JAA"

I sort of got it as the JAA being at the top of the food chain, so to speak. So yeah, depends where you want to go.

Hope it helps


10th Jan 2011, 12:48
Sunny 07, i have just booked onto a course with OFT in August. What course did you take with these guys and why was you experience so bad?


11th Jan 2011, 23:01
Hi Guys I am in the same bind or perhaps worse, I am part way through a NPPLm and have done the exams but work and my parents divorce got in the way so I had to stop and now im looking to the future.I am thinking of doing Heli's with a view to getting CPL and FI ratings as a career change but dont know which to go for FAA or JAA ive heard that the JAA is only for us Brits so the schools only have us as customers (other comments on here) where as the FAA lic has much more competition and is so better managed.My question is if I go down the FAA route which is cheaper either fixed wing or whirlies, i can still fly in the UK with a check flight and some nav's (I spoke to the CFI at Fast and he said that they would want to take you on some NAV's and make sure you can use the Radio before they would let you take a heli or plane). but if I wanted to get a cpl over here do I have to convert to JAA and then what happens if I want to get a job over in Vegas say with the JAA lic will the US employers prefer to take FAA CPLS over a JAA CPL?I have been looking into this for some time and some many people have some many different views and I have spoken to lots of schools and no one can say which is best and I dont know who to belive (if I beleive the school which I possibly should I know they could be telling me what I want to here just to get some money).ARRRRRRRGHIf I get an answer I will post back on here and anyone's help is appreciated.I am trying to get the PPL out of the way this easter seeing as business will be bad and there is lots of time off cos of the bank hols'sCheersPaul

12th Jan 2011, 00:31
Go to EFT. Brilliant place.

I'd second that! Must admit, I was a bit jealous of the FAA guys, getting instrument hours in twins (Duchess) at a (very FAA) $75 an hour :eek: On the other hand, it seemed they then end up with a surplus of pilots & had a reputation for being badly paid (I don't know enough about the industry to tell whether that's a direct consequence)! My extremely rose-tinted view of the UK airline industry is my Mum & Dad having had very glamorous jobs with BA, so the US regional scene looked pretty medieval by comparison! :uhoh: Hope someone with some realistic, current knowledge can give you both some advice!
Strangely enough, one of the EFT instructors - who used to fly BizJets in the UK - mentioned to me that it would have been really handy to have had the FAA equivalents of his licences at that time. But I suppose you know all about EASA and the non-JAA (i.e. FAA) merry-go-round!... :rolleyes:

9th Sep 2011, 23:15
i took complete cpl... howz things going now?

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