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8th Jan 2011, 13:39

Been busy with my exams! I've decided on Computer Science/Computer Engineering as a degree to fall back on. I've been programming and developing since I was 10 in aspects of Desktop aswell as Web.

Is this a relevant degree to do if I want to be a pilot? I know many people who have the view of "why do a degree if you wan to become a pilot" OR "why do an engineering based subject if you want to become a pilot". But it needs to be done.

P.S. Moderators, feel free to move/merge this thread if need be. :ok:

8th Jan 2011, 13:50
You will be fine.

At least you have a uni/college degree, I have a High School diploma. I hope that is enough for me.

8th Jan 2011, 14:02
Awesome. I'll graduate by 22, I've already missed a year due to family problems :ugh:

What do you have a diploma in? I'm guessing you're not from the UK right?

Genghis the Engineer
8th Jan 2011, 18:18
Irrelevant. If you want to use programming as a fallback, get some specific package qualifications or certified computer-language skills. It'll be cheaper, quicker, and more likely to bring some money in if you need it in a hurry.


8th Jan 2011, 23:27
As Agaricus said, it is all down to aptitude anyway

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