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8th Jan 2011, 00:13
hi all
anyone knows if my FAA hours used to get my IR could be used to obatain a JAA CPL? under FAA, I was always PIC, even if my instructor was flying with me, are these hours considered under JAA?for exemple, to begin the JAA CPL, 150 hours are needed? are these hours solo or PIC ?

8th Jan 2011, 09:50
This has been discussed many times. Hours flown under the FAA system, whereby the student can claim PIC hours for instrument training, are considered under JAA to be PUT. They will count towards the total flight time experience requirements but not towards any PIC requirement.

The experience requirement to commence the modular CPL(A) course is to "have completed 150 hours flight time as a pilot". Why would you think this meant only flight time solo or as PIC?

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