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3rd Jan 2011, 04:23
Had a friend on this flight this morning which did a go-round at MEL allgedly because "an Air Asia aircraft cut in front of us”... that was the Captain’s explanation on the PA anyway.

Was Air Asia airborne when this happened or was it as it was entering the runway etc etc?

Any details anyone?

The Kelpie
3rd Jan 2011, 04:50
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Was told today of cadets with low hours who will be flying as an F/O on Monday 3 Jan on East Coast routes. Restrictions apply as to Airports they can fly into as F/Os.

Any connection??

3rd Jan 2011, 05:15
WebTrak: Melbourne International Airport (http://www331.webtrak-lochard.com/webtrak/mel3)

11:48am 3 Jan 2011

the airasia is behind jst561 when 561 turns xwind

3rd Jan 2011, 05:28
Rubbish. ATC lined up a Rex at Foxtrot intersection after already having told AirAsia to line up full length and that their would be a " midfield " departure before they got going from the full length. Rex were cleared for take-off as JQ were on a short final. As rex rolled there was obviously no time to get AirAsia off as well so JQ were told to go around. AirAsia were cleared for takeoff with an amended 3000 limit. Shortly after takeoff the AirAsia was told to maintain HDG 160. They complied. They were then recleared to a higher altitude and told to contact Departures. While JQ were going around AirAsia asked Tower to confirm that they had indeed been cleared to lineup. I reckon they could see what was going to unfold.

Angle of Attack
3rd Jan 2011, 06:43
"an Air Asia aircraft cut in front of us”

I really hope those exact words were not made in a PA, god help us if they were :ugh:

3rd Jan 2011, 08:27
No connection Kelpie - keep on trolling though...


frozen man
3rd Jan 2011, 09:37
Keep trying Kelpie your credibility may even climb above cadet troll:O status one day