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1a sound asleep
3rd Jan 2011, 01:20
Are the press talking rubbish or what

Airlift for Cairns to restock empty shelves- Local Cairns News | cairns.com.au (http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2011/01/03/142601_local-news.html)

TWO Boeing 747 cargo planes carrying a total of 400 pallets of grocery supplies will touch down in Cairns today to help restock Coles supermarket shelves.

Super Cecil
3rd Jan 2011, 01:24
this forum is for airline rumours and news. We get a lot of threads here with anything from plane spotters' rego requests to service complaints. Of course we move them on if there's a suitable forum, otherwise we close or delete. Such threads are not really what a professional pilots forum is about. I'm sure you'd agree.

So cargo is alright then?

1a sound asleep
3rd Jan 2011, 01:38
If somebody is operating a 747 on cargo ops within Australia its either news or a rumour. Considering its been reported by the media I would like to know about it

3rd Jan 2011, 02:04
Yes its true. It landed today.

Worrals in the wilds
3rd Jan 2011, 02:49
Who was the operator?

1a sound asleep
3rd Jan 2011, 03:11
Radar is telling QFA7547

Qantas flight operated by Atlas 744


3rd Jan 2011, 03:44
Could they really carry 200 pallets each?
Sounds a lot to me.

Fris B. Fairing
3rd Jan 2011, 04:18
Could have been 200 industrial/warehouse pallets reloaded into aircraft ULDs.

1a sound asleep
3rd Jan 2011, 04:35
Its on approach to BNE now and I am assuming they are going to do another CNS trip today

3rd Jan 2011, 05:45
Someone told me that there were 3 flights today :confused:

3rd Jan 2011, 06:49
Could they really carry 200 pallets each?
Sounds a lot to me.

They'll lift 108 tonnes over that short distance and carry return fuel. If you can physically fit that much food in there, it'll do it easily.

1a sound asleep
3rd Jan 2011, 07:31
On route again BNE-CNS . Due DNS about 8PM. Going to be lots of food in cairns:ok:

Crew rest.
3rd Jan 2011, 07:36
...and beer...

3rd Jan 2011, 08:18
I wondered why it was sent to BNE from SYD early today, Although I didn't get on board to see what was on it.

1a sound asleep
3rd Jan 2011, 10:51
Its overnighting in CNS from what I am told. I would guess crew need some rest. It looks good sitting at CNS

Taken an hour ago


3rd Jan 2011, 19:24
It may look good, but it is a reflection on how asset poor we are as a country, that we have to charter an aircraft to carry out our own relief work.


Waghi Warrior
3rd Jan 2011, 20:02
Well at least the relief work is being done,in some countries the people would be left to starve and die,trust me just come up to PNG and see what I mean !

I would have though this kind of a job should be done by the military,not by a civilian contractor. Sad when our own troops and equipment are pre occupied fighting a war that has nothing to do with us !

Get the troops and all our gear back home Jul's where they are required. Queensland is a part of Australia the last I checked, :mad: Afghanistan isn't !

3rd Jan 2011, 21:02
Great job Atlas guys. Maybe the Atlas and ATI guys should get an Excel award for their contributions to the Australian Air Freight industry. :D

3rd Jan 2011, 22:26
So the RAAF should enter the charter business?

This 747 exercise was chartered by Coles and was not a Government deal.

Good on Coles...:ok:

Mr. Hat
3rd Jan 2011, 23:50
Never tire of looking at the 74. Its the Queen of the skies.

On another topic a colleague of mine told me freight guys like ups and fedex get paid really really well. Interesting. Anyone know of this?

1a sound asleep
4th Jan 2011, 02:12
This Fedex pay scale gives you an idea

FedEx Pilot Pay Rates (http://www.willflyforfood.com/airline-pilot-salary/136/FedEx.html)

You'll see they earn a lot more than a 744 driver ay UA

United Airlines Pilot Pay Rates (http://www.willflyforfood.com/airline-pilot-salary/188/United-Airlines.html)

4th Jan 2011, 04:51
On another topic a colleague of mine told me freight guys like ups and fedex get paid really really well. Interesting. Anyone know of this?I have a friend who is with FEDex just moved to the B777F from the MD-11 and is on upwards of $190K USD as a captain.

Pretty sure he has been with FEDex for 13yrs.

4th Jan 2011, 05:04
No one is saying that the RAAF should be doing charters for Coles. However thanks to cost cutting with the majors and politics of Albanese and Rudd, we have nothing here that can do this kind of work.Its a bit frightening when our food supplies, by need, are moved on chartered aircraft from the USA.

In a war situation I suggest that that option will not be available, just as earlier when B747 200F aircraft were removed from OZ charter to work for the US CRAF when Iraq was invaded.


4th Jan 2011, 05:10
The Australian Government asked Qantas Freight to help out with the flood relief effort, Qantas Freight Wet Leases the Atlas Freighters & dictate when & where they fly too....Should be Qantas Freight people are thanking not Atlas Air....Qantas Freight didnt have to charter the flight out to the Aussie Government & offer discount Freight return to BNE so CNS can get out all there Bananas that are going to go off due to no road transport & deliver Flood Relief supplies...
A big step up by Qantas Freight - Managers with a conscious as there is much $$$ factor in it ...I guess the media wont report that!

4th Jan 2011, 05:24
What has the Aussie Government got to do with this other than not building a road and rail network that is flood proof... It happens most wet seasons!
Coles chartered the flight to fill the shelves not unlike Maccas using 737 last wet to restock their Cairns stores :ugh:

Worrals in the wilds
4th Jan 2011, 20:28
CNS can get out all their Bananas that are going to go off due to no road transport & deliver Flood Relief supplies...

Hope they didn't go off in transit or it would have smelled worse than a live goat transfer :}...
Seriously, good on QF/Atlas for all their flights. They didn't stop for 24 hours, the 747F was in and out of Brisbane like a yo-yo :ok:. Kudos also to Skytrans who have run many Dash 8s to flooded areas with supplies, Careflight who have been evacuating the sick out of flood prone areas all day and night with their Learjet and the RFDS as always.

6th Jan 2011, 11:39
1a sound asleep.

Unlike United. Fedex did not seek Chapter 11 protection. Most pilots in the USA have lost salary, benefits and pensions since 2001. There are still over 7000 pilots furloughed in the USA. American (AA) has not recruited for many years and now has more pilots over 60 years than under 40 years with 1890 still furloughed.

The top Fedex salary is $210,825 whereas the top UA salary is $159,508. The top payer is UPS with $231,231.

With per diems of approx. $2 per hr and pension benefits nothing like those in Australia I do not think too many pilots in Aust especially QF would be envious of their US cousins.

Atlas Shrugged
11th Jan 2011, 02:01
:suspect: .

16th Dec 2011, 13:52
Hello guys;

How is the job at Atlas Air? How about the interview process?

Thanks for the input. JM Pailler