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Super Cecil
31st Dec 2010, 02:22
Lost luggage thread locked with one comment, why? Wrong section? 402 views and only one comment, was it a silly question? If it's no good asking here then where?

31st Dec 2010, 02:27
Maybe with the airline that misplaced your luggage...

Arnold E
31st Dec 2010, 02:47
Ok, the $700 looked pretty good to me, I'd take it and run.

31st Dec 2010, 03:09
Because it doesn't fit into what PPRune is here for.

The Kelpie
31st Dec 2010, 03:16

If you sign the release you are indemnifying the airline from any future claims by you or on your behalf.

If you are intending to claim against your own travel insurance do not sign as the insurance co will expect to be able to pursue a claim against the airline independently of your claim with them. If you sign you may find that your travel insurance will be invalid.

Only you know whether the figure offered is fair compensation for your inconvenience and if it is you may want to take it.

Airlines hate insurance companies cause they are like dogs with a bone!!

Good Luck!

Super Cecil
31st Dec 2010, 04:14
Thanks all

31st Dec 2010, 04:26
Cecil, this forum is for airline rumours and news. Lost baggage doesn't quite fit the description, as somebody else wrote. We get a lot of threads here with anything from plane spotters' rego requests to service complaints. Of course we move them on if there's a suitable forum, otherwise we close or delete. Yours was closed, so that if anyone had advice, they could send you a PM or email.

Such threads are not really what a professional pilots forum is about. I'm sure you'd agree.