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Going Boeing
30th Dec 2010, 23:13
Chile's LAN signs accord with Australia's Jetstar

Published on ASDNews: Dec 30, 2010

SANTIAGO - Chile's LAN, a leader among Latin American airlines, announced Wednesday it had clinched an agreement with Australian bargain carrier Jetstar Airlines to service Asia and Oceania destinations.

Under the agreement, the Chilean air carrier would rely on Jetstar's network to service flights to Australia's Sydney and New Zealand's Auckland, as well as popular tourist destinations including Bali in Indonesia, Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand, Honolulu in Hawaii, Japan's Osaka, and Singapore.

The airlines will also together provide national connecting flights to seven Australian cities and three cities in New Zealand.

Jetstar will allow LAN to operate its large-capacity Airbus A330 planes for long flights and its A321 planes for shorter flights.

"The agreement increases the number of destinations in Oceania, Asia and Southeast Asia, and allows passengers to reach attractive tourist destinations," said LAN passenger chief Armando Valdivieso.

The regional partnership comes as LAN prepares to merge with Brazil's TAM airlines in a bid to form the biggest Latin American air carrier, LATAM Airlines. Initial operations are due to get underway in the coming months.

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31st Dec 2010, 09:41
Is this just replacing the old QF codeshare that they had with them already?

31st Dec 2010, 20:59
Does this mean LA is going to drop AKL-SYD-AKL? and use Jetstar for that sector with A330s? or is it just written badly?

Jack Ranga
31st Dec 2010, 21:40

Another airline on my sh!t list :ugh:

31st Dec 2010, 21:54
What a pity - did a few flights with them 2 years ago and they were excellent - hope they are not moving downwards with this tie up with Jetstar