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Super Cecil
30th Dec 2010, 00:25
Had a trip to the old country a while ago, was for just under three weeks over there. We arrived OK but no baggage, rung the number and they said it will be delivered the next day. We couldn't go anywhere till we got our gear. Took them 5 days to get it to us, after lots of phone calls and waiting for delivery every day.

After arriving home we contacted the company about the problem. They demanded all sorts of identification and forms to be filled out taking quite a while. Finally they came back with an offer of $700 with the signing of what looks like a very legal document of non disclosure. Is that a fair offer?

The five days without luggage limited our trip and activities we had planned, it turns out to be a fair percentage of our usable time wasted. The crew in England were very helpful and good to deal with, in this country not so.

Should we take the offer and run or ask them to reconsider?

30th Dec 2010, 01:12
Better get a lawyer son............. better get a real good one!
Give Tex Perkins a call.