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29th Dec 2010, 22:43
PHOTO: A gift from Qantas to Virgin Blue – Plane Talking (http://blogs.crikey.com.au/planetalking/2010/12/30/photo-a-gift-from-qantas-to-virgin-blue/)

This can't possibly be the new "business" class seating of Qantas Domestic? :ugh:

29th Dec 2010, 22:57
I wonder who will get a "BONUS" for this Idea ! :D:yuk:

Mr. Hat
29th Dec 2010, 23:07
No sign of the ENYA type angelic environment there!

30th Dec 2010, 00:25
Yep, If Virgin choose a decent business class seat for its 330's business class, pax will leave in droves for Virgin on the Perth route. I have just used all 3 styles of business seats in QF 330's. The 300 series skybed is just fantastic, but not used much on domestic routes. The older style business class seat is hard, only reclines about 6 cm, a really uncomfortable seat. Just flew on the new business class seat and can say that its really uncomfortable. There is no IFE controls on the seat top, you have to lean fwd, pull out the remote and use that. The seat is narrow, hard and not much better than economy class. The centre seat in the middle row is not highly sought after either. When the original 330's arrived QF had many complaints about the quality of the business seat from pax, looks like no one listened. The 767 business seat is a much more comfortable seat. This is a real backwards step for QF, and if Borghetti chooses right he will be only a winner. Maybe if we ask virgin nicely we can have Borghetti back and we will give them AJ and we'll also throw in a set of steak knives.

30th Dec 2010, 01:37
Mrwooby perhaps QF can keep AJ and use the steak knives to knife him in the back.

30th Dec 2010, 02:15
Premium Economy = the new J class

30th Dec 2010, 02:32
Just flew on the new business class seat and can say that its really uncomfortable. There is no IFE controls on the seat top, you have to lean fwd, pull out the remote and use that. The seat is narrow, hard and not much better than economy class. The centre seat in the middle row is not highly sought after either.

Domestically? I flew on the A330 to PER with the new seat and thought it great. Comfortable, wide enough, all IFE controls for the video are on the screen, etc. I don't recall seeing a center seat in J class also. I'm pretty sure it is 2-2-2?!?! Sure you're not talking about the old A330 domestic J class?

30th Dec 2010, 02:42
Keg, this is the layout of EBP. Took it to Perth the other day and not good reviews from the business punters. I tried it before getting off and thought it can't be a step forward.

30th Dec 2010, 02:46
How very strange. I flew on EBN (I think) in late September and it was on it's first day or so in service with the 'new domestic J class config' according to the cabin crew. Video units were all 'in armrest' rather than the seat back of the seat in front. Those J class pax around me raved about the seats, service, IFE at the time. I can't understand why we'd trash that config so soon. I suspect some genius is thinking this config will only fly MEL-SYD-BNE and so it doesn't matter so much. :ugh: :rolleyes:

30th Dec 2010, 03:40
I found the seats very uncomfortable to sleep in because it seems like the headrest is too high for someone average in height so the "wings" on the headrest were unable to be used.

30th Dec 2010, 03:47
The 'wings' on the head rest can be moved up and down.

30th Dec 2010, 04:43
If they were to keep up with say Virgin America's config then they shouldn't have any problems winning folks over. Best business seat going around and would look pretty sleek alongside the boeing new interiors.


PHOTO: A gift from Qantas to Virgin Blue Plane Talking (http://blogs.crikey.com.au/planetalking/2010/12/30/photo-a-gift-from-qantas-to-virgin-blue/)Surely this is some sort of joke right? :eek:

30th Dec 2010, 04:57
Thanks Keg but as I am crew, I was already aware of that and they were at their lowest level.
I am 175cm by the way.
Give them a try with the seat fully reclined and see if your head is supported.

I have found the wings on the economy seats far better for sleeping.

30th Dec 2010, 05:09
Hmm. Not sure what you mean UK. I'm 167cm and never had a drama. Oh well. I'm certainly not going to be sticking up for my mob on the basis of this latest offering domestically. :(

30th Dec 2010, 06:05
Seems that QF is going the European way with regards to J seating, while JB at Virgin is going the other way, :confused:

Don't forget that Alan Joyce started Aer Lingus on the way to the LCC path and EI was kicked out of One World, He will do the same to QF.

30th Dec 2010, 06:50
I thought i read somewhere recently at AJ or BB said that all new A330's would be configured similiar to J*'s A330's so they could be deployed under both logos if required.

30th Dec 2010, 07:35
I would take a wild guese that DJ A330 J class seats will be 2nd A320 J seat from NZ

30th Dec 2010, 11:47
This is the same seat installed on the new "Jitconnect" 73's. Terrible seat. The foot rest is very limited in function and comfort - there is no lumbar support and the arm rests are quite narrow.

I found it most unappealing when I flew it last week. Fine for working away on a lappy - not fine for trying to get some shut-eye and/or lay back and relax to a movie...

IFE, on the other hand was :ok:

30th Dec 2010, 22:21
Apparently QF are now aware of the issues and looking at options due to "customer feed back"

The Green Goblin
30th Dec 2010, 22:43
Apparently QF are now aware of the issues and looking at options due to "customer feed back

Yep, paint it silver :P

31st Dec 2010, 00:34
- Tag your own Bags
- Pay for the slightest amount of excess baggage
- 7 seats abreast in J class
- Pay for exit rows
- Get thrown a cookie or apple during offpeak flights
- Old 767's on many long INTL sectors
- Minimal staff at most ports (less and less service desks, big focus on headcount reduction)

Hmmmn, not sure if AJ is the right person for a premium carrier, to offer a premium product money needs to be invested in the product for the better. When people pay a premium fare they expect inclusions and better standards of service which is clearly not what QF these days wants to provide.

1st Jan 2011, 05:35
The new DJ seat is just like V America in both E and D-J. It will be miles ahead of QF. A gift indeed from QF.

1st Jan 2011, 20:58
I had a look at that system in T3 the other day. 2 manned service desks had queues on them out the door, the DIY terminals were all unused and a lot of unhappy campers milling around confused as to why it now takes 2hrs to check-in.

Same thing happend when NZ made AKL/WLG/CHC Domestic fully DIY, there would be a massive que at the service desk of people wanting to be manualy checked-in after a few months evreryone had worked out it only takes you 30 seconds to tag your own bag & drop it.

Where as it went the total oposite at AKL International when it was introduced for Tasman flights. It removed the 60minute wait to check-in & replace it with a process that takes 90seconds. It just takes time for the market to change!

1st Jan 2011, 21:39
- Tag your own Bags
The System in T3 seems to be working fine every time I walk past. Yes there were some lines at the service desk, but nothing like how it used to be.

1st Jan 2011, 21:50
As the bean counters have us all checking ourselves in and tagging our own bags (ie: Doing the work that employees once did) aren't we all technically employee's of the airline and entitled to staff travel arrangements?? :* :mad: :sad:

This check in system is purely about staff reduction. It may be efficient for the suits with an overnight bag, but it IS reducing service standards and reeks of low cost carrier. Interesting that the little check in daleks have cameras and I would assume taking our pictures as well - has to be some privacy issues there no?

Back on topic:
I experienced the newest A330 domestic config in late last year (2010) and while the IFE was good, it still is a generation behind SQ, EK and the like. And the seats in business class were disappointing. Luckily I had an outside aisle, but the centre 3 across is a backwards step. Looked like they had been taken from a B737 and jammed in.

And yes the interior is so dreary and drab. What has happened to QF??

1st Jan 2011, 22:20
On a safety note, what is it with the seat belts in business on the A330?
The attachment points are positioned so that the belt is very high on the abdomen.
I find it very uncomfortable and I wonder if it is safe in the event of it stopping a sudden forward movement.of my body.

4th Jan 2011, 05:48
while the IFE was good, it still is a generation behind SQ, EK and the like.

This is false - Qantas as well as SQ and EK use the Panasonic eX2 system.

4th Jan 2011, 06:15
As SLF, my family recently took a Pacific crossing on VA in J class after several less-than-satisfactory experiences crossing on QF. Unless there are some major changes, we won't be going back to QF. We don't mean much on the grand scale of things, but QF has huge issues if more people like us start to hear that the competition blows it out of the water. Already convinced my sister's family to switch to VA for a trial. It wasn't difficult. She has club membership and travels business. QF management has bigger issues than trying to determine where to save the next dollar. Customers are walking away. Another gift to Virgin.
Better seats...better legroom...less crowding in the departure lounge...on time arrival (or close anyway)...better service...cleaner bathrooms...plenty of water and snacks. Haven't tried the A380 and probably won't get to do so now. Enjoyed the 757 (whoops...777) too much.

4th Jan 2011, 11:10
Must have been the ER version.

5th Jan 2011, 19:41
The Herald Sun today: Etihad tips a major boost down under | Herald Sun (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/business/etihad-tips-a-major-boost-down-under/story-e6frfh4f-1225982603770)

By moving to code-sharing with V Australia, Etihad had to give up its arrangement with Qantas.

Etihad and Qantas were at odds over the Australian national carrier's plans to send Jetstar into the Middle East.

Qantas also chose to stick with its long-term partner British Airways and not expand its arrangement with Etihad on flights beyond its Abu Dhabi base.

Will BA or perhaps American also be at odds with QANTAS soon over their plans to send JetStar to Europe and the US?

5th Jan 2011, 21:06
Lowdown wrote:

cleaner bathrooms

My god, what a deplorable state the public toilets in Qantas domestic terminals are. I've endured better smelling sewers in third world slums than what's on offer from Qantas these days.

Lift your game Allan. Get out and about and see first hand just how decrepit aspects of Qantas have become.
Clean,non smelly toilet facilities with tapware that doesn't look like it came from the dump.A good steam clean of the slimy crud encrusted floor tiles would be a good start as well.
A really good first or last impression for a "premium carrier" ,NOT!:}

5th Jan 2011, 21:15
Apparently QF are now aware of the issues and looking at options due to "customer feed back"

I paxed from PER to MEL the other day in the centre seat in business class. I can't believe they are doing this AGAIN. Is this not the configuration that was introduced a few years ago and got canned? A centre seat in J class is not a good idea.

5th Jan 2011, 23:10
I really hope that what Qantas chose was well before they knew about Virgin Blues plans for a premium cabin. If they think they will be able to compete effectively with the current offerings, they will be in for a shock. It really surprises me how an interior could be made to look so bland. It's as if Qantas had a contest "Biggest prize to who can make the worst cabin interior of any airline". I've flown many carriers and Qantas domestic interiors are shockers. Grey, grey and even more grey with no colour or pizzaz in sight. Even Jetstar have a branded cabin with some personality. People these days expect more and Qantas needs to step up and provide it. With Borghetti at Virgin, they are going to have to.
Regarding the middle seat, we will just have to wait and see what Virgin do. They may have the same config as well. Will be interesting to see how Qantas will respond.

5th Jan 2011, 23:36
Wait till Virgin Blue is renamed to Virgin Australia, totally different image from the Virgin Blue LCC it started out as. Just a guess it may happen.

Spend some money on Qantas, Qantas!!!

industry insider
6th Jan 2011, 11:59
I used to take QF across the Pacific 4 times per year in J or F. No longer impressed. I now use either VA or NZ via AKL depending on USA destination. As was said earlier, spend some money on Qantas, Qantas. You are losing it.

Oh and J class fares on VA or NZ are averaging $3k cheaper than QF. Go figure.