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capt cynical
12th Apr 2001, 12:20
See Dunnunda and Godzone for details

12th Apr 2001, 18:11
More trouble in the Star Alliance and for SIA and ANZ

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CASA Media Release - Thursday, 12 April 2001
Ansett 767s grounded
Ansett Australia's fleet of ten 767 aircraft have been grounded indefinitely by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

This follows repeated failures by Ansett to properly maintain the aircraft to Australia's high aviation safety standards.

The aircraft will be grounded tonight when a formal notice is issued to Ansett.

The 767 fleet will not be allowed to fly again until CASA is satisfied the aircraft meet all relevant safety standards.

CASA will undertake a special safety check on the 767s, inspecting the aircraft and auditing recent maintenance work. These checks will begin over the Easter weekend.

CASA will also issue Ansett with a notice on Friday 20 April giving the airline 14 days to show why its approval to operate should not be withdrawn.

This notice is based on a pattern of ongoing structural, management and personnel problems.

Ansett will be required to prove to CASA that major changes to structure, management and personnel can be urgently implemented.

CASA will require detailed proposals from Ansett for reforms to their maintenance areas, particularly the section of the organisation that controls maintenance.

It is clear there has been a lack of proper control over the planning of maintenance, over the control of critical documents and the execution of maintenance.

CASA's Director of Aviation Safety, Mick Toller, says CASA could no longer accept Ansett's assurances that the safety of 767s could be maintained.

"Safety problems with the 767 fleet keep appearing, the latest having been brought to CASA's attention just this morning," Mr Toller says.

"This latest problem involved the incorrect stowing of emergency slides on a 767 last weekend.

"The aircraft operated for more than a day without any of its slides in the operating position. Clearly, this was yet another threat to safety."

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