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Another Number
16th Dec 2010, 05:59
Inspired by the recent moves by Qantas et al, those good men who hate aircraft noise so very much they "banned" training flights (aka the Busselton shire) have decided to expand to service "large passenger planes" for interstate and international flights!

(Ref: ABC (http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/12/16/3095149.htm))

16th Dec 2010, 06:50
What a load of tripe...:rolleyes: This means "plans" are several years away...

Capn Bloggs
16th Dec 2010, 14:37
Trying to get the jump on Maggie River Intl airport. That's where it should have gone in the first place.

16th Dec 2010, 23:08
When I was in WA for training back then the shire banned all training aircraft from doing circuits or landing there. Since then I've never seen any aircraft at busselton airfield not even the RFDS. What did the use it for?

3 Holer
16th Dec 2010, 23:47
Plenty of action here! (http://www.busseltonaeroclub.com.au/) I can just see Tricky Dickky and the other "Directors" flying those big Qantas 787s in and out of Busselton International in another couple of years. ;)

Capn Bloggs
23rd Nov 2012, 23:55
$100m Busselton airport upgrade imminent
Gary Adshead State Political Editor, The West Australian November 24, 2012, 6:57 am
City of Busselton mayor Ian Stubbs believes a State Government commitment to spend up to $100 million expanding the tourism region's airport is imminent.

Amid rumours that Premier Colin Barnett was planning to announce the major development within days, Cr Stubbs said most of the ground work for the expansion was done.

"I've heard whispers that there will be an announcement soon," Cr Stubbs said. "Just recently - and they haven't been released yet - we've done the route destinations and a social and economic development strategy."

If the Barnett Government agrees to fund the expansion, Busselton would pursue direct flights from interstate and overseas, including Singapore and Indonesia.

The runway length would be extended from its existing 1800m to at least 2300m to accommodate bigger planes.

For more than two years the city has been working with the South West Development Commission, Tourism WA and the Department of Transport to make a business case for the proposal.

"This development would be marvellous for the South West and the State," Cr Stubbs said. "I understand that the Department of Transport is very supportive of it.

"The $80 to $100 million would include the purchase of the land, extensions to the runway and the improvements to the terminal."

Last year, Mr Barnett gave in-principle support to the expansion saying the current airport was built under a previous Liberal-National government.

"Maybe the time has finally come where you can attract direct interstate flights into the region," he said.

But a spokeswoman for Transport Minister Troy Buswell, who is also the MP for the region, said no decision on the expansion had been reached by the Government.

The Weekend West understands one sticking point might be the name of the new airport and how the drawcard of Margaret River would be included.

"I think the name Margaret River should be reflected in the airport name," Cr Stubbs said.

"But the City of Busselton, with all the work we've done over the years, isn't just going to have it called the Margaret River Regional Airport. Perhaps something like the Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport."
The NIMBYs won't be happy.

Mach E Avelli
24th Nov 2012, 07:38
Before they commit taxpayer money, they need to ask the half dozen local horse owners who stopped training flights. And don't get me started on how little horses and their owners contribute to society.....
A bit off subject, but currently I am in Tasmania watching with amazement the power a few tree huggers have to stop progress in its tracks.

24th Nov 2012, 09:37
They'll have to get that ridiculous curfew changed to be any use.No movements before 0700, correct me if I'm wrong? There are direct charter flights to various Rio sites from Busso, and the aircraft can't land to pick up before this time. The blokes on the flight love it, means a very relaxed start to the rotation:rolleyes:

mates rates
24th Nov 2012, 10:50
Everything that happens in WA is weird !!They are not part of the real world are they?? on a global perspective they suffer from gross isolationism.

Capn Bloggs
24th Nov 2012, 10:58
on a global perspective they suffer from gross isolationism.
Works at times; saves us from having to share electricity with that riffraff on the east coast...:}

24th Nov 2012, 21:14
Thread drift - a little, but it the same concepts of International Airport development madness seem to apply.

Have a look at another exciting development in Qld, known as Laguna Quays (what ? you say).

This is a $250m development which began in early 2000s, with international airport (rough graded, yet to be built), golf course, apartments, marina etc (these are all built). The development went broke, but is now apparently reclaimed by Chinese interests.

The fact that it is too close to operate in conjunction with Proserpine airport where the Council is spending millions to upgrade seems irrelevant to the new owners.

Clearly the Chinese tourist hordes will be descending on the Proserpine area soon, perhaps unloading millions of Yuan. But even if it succeeds, I bet not one cent leaves the resort, as there is nowhere to go to within 100km! Even the Whitsundays are a long boat trip away. (ps, I forgot to mention there are lots of Wallabies and Cane Toads)

Mach E Avelli
25th Nov 2012, 03:06
Busselton is a little different to Laguna Quays, which is indeed in the middle of nowhere and going nowhere.
Because of its location, Busselton is ideal to offload Perth. Similar to the Gold Coast's or Sunshine Coast's proximity to Brisbane, albeit without the huge population. However in a few years the population may well rival that of the aforementioned. FIFO workers and CUBS are moving south and they tend to be of breeding age.
The fly in the ointment appears to be the Busselton anti-aviation lobby which would seem to have influence disproportionate to the rates they pay.

25th Nov 2012, 04:24
Mach E Avelli


In first world countries communities actually build first class facilities like Busselton, in the hope that it will attract buiness and therefore rate and other evenue to the town, and it does.

There is a long list of these who have lobbied, often succesfully, big companies to move their HO and manufacturing to theirs, incuding offering tax breaks, in kind and actual cash incentives. The satellite businesses they actually bring with them in addition to the boost to the locals is amazing.

With the move to the electronic age, e.g. Rio run their diggers, loaders and trucks by remote control from premises in Perth why not the Busselton area. I'd be first in the queue for the lifestyle.

Horses are very nearly as smart as people, some might argue the reverse, but given appropriate buffers, training and attention they will be fine. It's some of the owners who might need the bulk of it. In fact I know a guy in Margs who has serious aviation and equine creds who would eat it.

BTW post of the racing industry has stables literally across the road from Perth Airport.

25th Nov 2012, 10:02
i'd heard it was cows, not horses, but I could be wrong...:hmm:

25th Nov 2012, 10:21
But Bussleton is now a "City" and with it comes all sorts of extra grants from the Government.
Apparently every town in the place replace Shire to City in Jan this year.

As for the airport name, call it Vasse Airport, after the Federal seat of the area, and indeed the former name of the Jetty.

25th Nov 2012, 14:48
"The $80 to $100 million would include the purchase of the land, extensions to the runway and the improvements to the terminal."

By improve do they mean demolish? Maybe they will built a new one on the other side of the field with a shuttle bus between the GA and RPT terminal?

26th Nov 2012, 06:48
Wouldn't that annoy Cape Mentelle, Pierro, Voyager et al?

7th Jun 2017, 07:23
Well, its taken only 5 years or so.....

The $69.7Million expansion of Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport (BMRRA) is progressing at a rapid rate - as described in this weeks edition
'South West Seasons Magazine', June 2017......

The 'Fast Facts' describe -

Where is the airport?
The BMRRA is located 6.5 kms south east from the city centre of Busselton, off the Vasse Highway.

When will the airport be finished?
All going to plan the runway will be completed mid 2018, and the terminal by the end of 2018.

Where will I be able to fly to?
The airport will be capable of facilitating domestic and international flights to destinations such as Melbourne, Sydney, Denpasar and Singapore.

What opportunities will the development of the airport generate?
The BMRRA will generate employment and economic activity, during both its construction and operation. It will be a catalyst for investment and job growth, providing long term employment opportunities, accelerating infrastructure and housing development and strengthening the South West's economy.

The article also states "lengthening, widening and strengthening of the runway to facilitate at a minimum Code 4C jet aircraft (B737 and A320).

"Due to a competitive tender environment the airside infrastructure is being upgraded to enable Code 4E (B747, A330) aircraft operations into the future."

There will be Jet A1 Fuel facility, connection to essential services, (I hope so...) and......
Development of a General Aviation Precinct.

The costings are listed as:-
$9.8M - Australian Govt's Community Development Grants program,
$45.9M - State Govt Royalties For Regions program,
$10M - from RADS,
$3.5M - City of Busselton,
$300K - South West Development Commission,
$250K - Tourism WA

So....when the 'nasty' (NIMBY) locals get all uptight about the potential noise situation, they can be told to address their concerns to the above Govt departments who supplied all the moolah, and ultimately, that is US!

The 'hard working families and taxpayers of Australia' !!

Good Stuff!

Maybe suitable as an 'alternate' for YPPH??
(Met. etc being avbl....)

Cheers :ok::ok:

Capn Bloggs
7th Jun 2017, 07:50
Maybe suitable as an 'alternate' for YPPH??
Would've been handy this morning because of a failure of

7th Jun 2017, 09:37

A bit of simple smoke and U go nuts...

Smoke is a health hazard...??


Capn Bloggs
7th Jun 2017, 09:55
It's a health hazard when it stops you seeing where you want to go (the runway, that is!). :{

7th Jun 2017, 12:02
Doesn't hurt the ole DH-82A much.........

But then.......at 22 'ouch' hundred hours, (Z), Oi'm still in bed...these days..!!


7th Jun 2017, 12:19
Doesn't hurt the ole DH-82A much.........

But then.......at 22 'ouch' hundred hours, (Z), Oi'm still in bed...these days..!!


funny you should say that Fantome in 1965 used to camp out at Busselton with DH82A VH-CKA and the late 'Boodge' Guthrie hid his black one VH-CKE in an WW11 shed made from the walls of a gun-butt behind great piles of hay bales. got photos somewhere to prove it.

7th Jun 2017, 21:33
How can they have a "GA Precinct" but have no mention of Avgas?

8th Jun 2017, 01:21
Busselton Aero Club already has Avgas avbl.

Perhaps because the supply of Jet A1 is a 'bigger deal' installation, and they want it known....I simply quoted the article as written.
Maybe they just want to clarify to potential operators that Jet A1 will be avbl on site, so no need to 'tank' it in.

The 'nimbys' won't like looking at those relatively large holding tanks etc.
Perhaps they will be screened by more trees....

Cheers :ok:

11th Jun 2017, 04:07
It seems that the WA State Govt has asked the Busselton mob to 'cut back' on expenditure after the project was 'placed under review'....

From 'The West' Sat 10 June;
'The City of Busselton has said that it would immediately postpone $4M in road and infrastructure works to return savings to the Govt.'
The Council has already spent $35M improving airside facilities.

It is understood the Council was on the verge of issuing tenders for terminal and infrastructure improvements.'


11th Jun 2017, 08:25
Their idiotic mayor was on the radio a few weeks back proclaiming how NEXT YEAR they will have a regular service to Melbourne and Sydney.... really? By who? This is an amazing waste of taxpayers money on a white elephant if ever I have seen it....

8th Jul 2017, 12:41
$100m Busselton airport upgrade imminent
Gary Adshead State Political Editor, The West Australian November 24, 2012, 6:57 am

The NIMBYs won't be happy.
Hahhahahahaha 2300m is still too short lol especially for International flights

Another Number
22nd Jun 2018, 03:16
The airport that banned training ... "shortlisted" by QF for "The Academy".

Sounds great! What a market for those new electric aircraft (operated every other weekday, between the hours of 1100 and 1400, provided the locals are duly compensated).

Capn Bloggs
22nd Jun 2018, 03:26
2500m x 45m. What's not to like? Err, the locals....

22nd Jun 2018, 04:09
If ever there was a case to answer with regard to government expenditure it would be on this white elephant.

They still haven't secured a single carrier to provide a regular service from the eastern states. Their terminal funding has been stopped and the rest of us who through our taxes have footed the bill so far to massage the egos of the Busselton shire are precluded from having any worthwhile use of the airport.

22nd Jun 2018, 11:24
There was only ever FOUR vocal residents under the flight paths who engaged Barristers etc once the discovered the Shire omitted to tick Flying Training on their application to build the new airport years ago. After the "Training Ban" was in place (and completely unenforcable I understand), I used to love regularly flying over their properties at 1000AGL with the props out of sync..."You can't take the sky from me!" Payback is a bitch!

22nd Jun 2018, 13:00
I used to love regularly flying over their properties at 1000AGL with the props out of sync..."You can't take the sky from me!" Payback is a bitch!

The skydivers seem to operate there without getting the NIMBYs upset

22nd Jun 2018, 16:08
Charge fees just to have the privilege to announce my overfly of lovely Busselton. Good luck with the application for the QF academy!

23rd Jun 2018, 09:03
They charge to use the frequency, please don't tell me that you pay? I remember when Cunderdin wanted to charge for navaid training until someone pointed out that they do not own or control the airspace.

23rd Jun 2018, 19:02

unny you should say that Fantome in 1965 used to camp out at Busselton with DH82A VH-CKA

Thems were the days! But I should point out it was a different airfield to the current Busselton.

Global Aviator
24th Jun 2018, 14:51
What a fantastic opportunity for Margaret River! Selfishly I hope it doesn’t work as I think it’s already getting a little busy.

So hypothetically a Chinese company buys a mainstay vineyard..... Things may then happen.

As for direct from the East Coast nah...... why not get Network or the likes to tag on reasonably priced shuttles? Or does this happen? I’m to lazy to google or sky scanner.....

Then again the old saying if you build it they will come?

26th Jun 2018, 04:16
I don't see the QF flight training happening there - imagine the uproar!

Having said that the council will happily go back on their no training flight policy for some good $$$ by way of landing fees and local accomodation for the QF cadets.

Believe they were keen on exploring cargo flights from Asia, as a good YPPH alternative. As for direct flights coast to coast.... good luck. Probably more punters wanting to travel to Margs from Asia.


The Green Goblin
26th Jun 2018, 05:44
Busselton is the gateway to margaret river and the southwest of WA.

You as a consumer also dont want jet soot all over your grapes. MR produces the best reds IMO in Australia.

A Leewuin estate cav sav is simply divine.

I personally think they should have leased merriden.

26th Jun 2018, 10:45
Dear Green Goblin,
Do yourself a favour....fly to Tulla and drive an hour north to the sleepy hamlet of Heathcote.
You’ll thank me

Yours, The Red Goblet

26th Jun 2018, 11:10
Busselton is the gateway to margaret river and the southwest of WA.

Sure it is that is why the highway completely bypasses the "gateway".

dont want jet soot all over your grapes]

Please tell me more about jet soot, is it similar to turbo prop soot?

cav sav

Do you mean Cab sav?


Do you mean Merredin?

26th Jun 2018, 13:42
had to laugh when I rode past on the weekend saw they are doing more roadworks (a slip lane off the highway for all the traffic LOL)

the apron big enough to park 3 738's at once, and not an airline or destination in sight. And the local MLA is complaining cos the Labor Governments tourism policy is too Perth focused....luv Perth cant even get a direct Tokyo flight happening and they think down there they are going to get a direct flight to anywhere? It's a massive waste of money....

Capn Bloggs
30th Jun 2018, 08:55
And in the Latest "Bay to Bay"..."Qantas Training Academy Proposal
In the coming weeks Qantas will be undertaking a thorough review of airports across the country identified as potentially suitable for a new pilot training academy. The Busselton Margaret River Airport is one of nine sites which will be subject to further investigation in terms of airport infrastructure, environment, airspace, teaching and education facilities, student accommodation and business opportunities for suppliers.

There are advantages associated with the proposal. If selected, Qantas has indicated that it will make an initial investment of $20million to establish the new facility with funding ongoing. There will be a direct employment benefit with 40 people involved in training and support roles, as well as extended opportunities for local businesses and suppliers to support key administrative services and catering functions. Economic returns would flow onto local business from the new workforce, student population and their families. There would also be potential to attract education facilities such as universities with aviation courses and to expand scholarships and traineeships to young people. Of course having a pilot training academy based at the airport would also help promote the facility.

While Qantas completes its review and makes its final determination, Council will canvas the views of the broader community through the City of Busselton Your Say portal, noting that the proposal may not eventuate."

17th Sep 2018, 00:05
From the 'Busselton Dunsborough TIMES'.....(Fri Sept 7th 2018)

"WA Tourism Minister Paul Papalia says stakeholders involved in the expansion of Busselton Airport were "sold a pup" and no airlines are interested in direct flights."
The article then goes on to say that the best hope for building the airport's stalled $13 million passenger terminal remained with Qantas choosing Busselton for one of two planned pilot training schools.

Why a 'training school' would need a $13 million 'passenger terminal' is not explained...…
Any takers..??

Further ramblings describe the lack of airline interest, 'and the feedback wasn't good, but he (Mr Harding, Tourism WA chairman) declined to outline the specifics because of confidentiality...….

However....City of Busselton Mayor, Grant Henley contradicted the Minister, saying its discussion showed "very strong interest in this region and the facility"...….
Previous findings from an airport feasibility study commissioned in 2009 found the airport was not viable while it was said the if 'visitation grew a further 50 per cent, there would be impetus for expanding Busselton Airport'.

No cheers here......

17th Sep 2018, 00:56
Anyone who took a look at this when the airport site was chosen knew it was simply the wrong place. It needs (needed) to be down between Margaret River and Augusta to serve that region. Too close to Perth and by turn, too far from the wine region that generates the tourist numbers. Fly there from Perth and you then need to hire a car to go anywhere. If you left "home" in a hire car at the same time you would drive to the airport then you would be there sooner in the hire car, allowing for one hour check in. As for direct flights from the East coast, not for twenty years.

22nd Sep 2018, 14:46
The Mayor was proclaiming last year that they would have a direct flight to Melbourne AND Sydney this year. God knows what he was smoking at the time. The whole project is a massive waste of taxpayers money, including the runway and apron which has been expanded at great expense to cater for no demand.

22nd Sep 2018, 22:05
In 10 years time this investment will be seen as foresight.

23rd Sep 2018, 04:50
SorryI completely disagree. Wrong place at the wrong time.

Capn Bloggs
23rd Sep 2018, 05:25
From Saturday's West:

Interest in stalled airport
By Gary Adstead

At least three airlines have shown “positive levels of interest” in direct flights to the stalled Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport expansion, according to documents released under Freedom of Information laws.With the future of the $60 million development on hold after it was not listed in the State Government’s two-year tourism plan, the documents include a briefing note for the Premier in May last year, which warned of political damage if the airport was shelved.

“There remain substantial savings for the Government should it not proceed, however, there will be a political and social fallout if ceased,” it read.

A month later, Tourism WA wrote to the City of Busselton with an update on the expansion’s progress . “The most recent meetings that the city and Tourism WA undertook in Sydney and Melbourne identified positive levels of interest by all three airlines met with,” the letter read. “While this does not denote a confirmation of flights or indicate what, if any, level of support may be required to secure the route, it does indicate a level of seriousness in their view.”

Earlier this year, Regional Development Minister Alannah Mac-Tiernan said a review of the project would be done before any commitment to build a $13 million terminal.

The Government was looking for concrete commitments to direct flights and awaiting a decision by Qantas, which has shortlisted Busselton as the possible base for a new pilot training academy . Liberal MP for Vasse and shadow tourism minister Libby Mettam said the Government had “undermined” the airport plan and risked its viability.

“We are still yet to see a major airline commit to passenger services ,” Ms MacTiernan said.

23rd Sep 2018, 09:04
"We are still yet to see a major airline commit to passenger services ,” Ms MacTiernan said.

Or even a minor airline.

Any airline.

23rd Sep 2018, 10:29
Yet we still can't even plan a training flight to YBLN in a light aircraft due to the Busselton Airport ridiculous noise plan as a result of FOUR d*ckhead residents. Good luck with RPT Jets! Gee, I guess my props will NEVER be in sync despite my best efforts making large power changes at certain GPS coords near YBLN. (hint...they are given in the noise plan!)

24th Sep 2018, 03:25
You're not helping. Maybe trying to reduce noise is a better ploy than throwing petrol on the fire? If the noise plan gets more onerous, the other users of Busselton will know who to thank.

27th Sep 2018, 10:27
great article by The west, 3 airlines have shown "positive interest". Which could mean anything!

27th Sep 2018, 10:50
Exactly and we now know the big Q will not be setting up shop there anytime soon.

5th Oct 2018, 04:06
The latest in this sad sorry saga.
Interesting comment near the end of the article by Alannah Mciernan
Ms MacTiernan said there was "no point building a new terminal that no one will use", but the government indicated it would give a green light if Qantas selected Busselton for its second pilot academy (https://www.busseltonmail.com.au/story/5602898/qantas-to-have-two-training-sites/). As said above. WTF has a flight academy got to do with the construction of a passenger terminal? I guess you could put a heap of temporary partitioning in relatively cheaply and gut it for when the A330s and 787s show up :)

THis has probably been the worse case of pork barrelling ever.

The Peter Parker
5th Oct 2018, 05:28
Rumours circulating that a ‘certain’ airline is looking at a twice weekly ‘milk run’ between Busso, Hedland (customs) onwards to Bali and return.

Intersting if true....

5th Oct 2018, 22:22
Rumours circulating that a ‘certain’ airline is looking at a twice weekly ‘milk run’ between Busso, Hedland (customs) onwards to Bali and return.
smacks of desperation. The justification was to provide a facility to bring punters to the south west. Not provide an alternative departure point for bogan holidays in Bali.

Blind Freddie can see through this stunt if that is what they are proposing

6th Oct 2018, 01:52
They could drive to Perth in a couple of hours for a direct flight, with duty free shops etc available.

6th Oct 2018, 02:02
QANTAS picks Toowomba for flight school - Australia Wide - ABC Radio (http://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/australia-wide/australia-wide-qantas-pilot-centre-toowomba/10288484)

Ho Hum...………

No Cheerrss for Busso…...

6th Oct 2018, 10:41
could never work out how the building of the terminal was somehow being tied to the flight school.